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The next era for progressive emergence

Remember back about six months ago when Emergent Guru Brian McLaren asked for some big, bodacious financial support for a mystery organization that would carry the progressive church into a new era? Well that organization is now up and running, and you may be surprised at who is helping him and what they’ll be doing later this […]

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Jesus as a revolutionary millennial?

Was Jesus a revolutionary millennial, who avoided theological certainty? For Red Letter Christians, that’s the Jesus being pushed forward rather than the Christ of the Bible. It’s part of a progressive theology that imagines a very different Jesus, and we’re going to cover a new article today by Red Letter Christians titled, 4 Reasons Jesus […]

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The culture shift and homosexual Christians

“The cultural conscience has shifted,” says Rob Bell. And the Church needs to shift with it, and accept the fact that there are gay brothers and sisters in Christ. Today our Stand Up for the Truth guest is Ruth Christian, a woman whose own journey out of the homosexual lifestyle is an incredible testimony to […]

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Louisville, Kentucky Derby

Wealth, pride and betting on the wrong horse

How do you share the Gospel with people who put their hope in status, riches and pleasure? (Matthew 19:16-26) If you want to understand the mindset of the wealthy, you need to go where they are with what they need. What they think they need is blessings that look like success. Today we are talking […]

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Gay affirming 2011

Gay-Affirming Churches: The stats and the movement

There is an intentional movement by the progressive wing of Christianity to increase the number of gay-affirming churches around the world. Here in the U.S., Matthew Vines has become the catalyst and “poster child” for that movement. Keep in mind that they are targeting NOT the churches already gay-affirming, but those who are holding fast […]

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The World Peace monument in a pond next to a s...

What in the world…

Should Christians hope for world peace? We know in our Bible Jesus spoke of wars and rumors of war in the last days, and we also know there will be a false peace on earth. What is happening in our world today? On Monday, President Obama prepared for his trip to the Middle East by […]

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Salt Shakers

Is the Church losing its salt?

Have you heard of a movement called Christian Reconstructionism? It goes by another name: Theonomy, or Rule by God’s law. It’s a kind of Dominion theology that is not the same as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) dominionism. Confused yet? We’ll cover what this movement is all about later on. First, what does it mean […]

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Brian McLaren crossed the road...

Brian McLaren crossed the road…

Post-modern liberalism in the Body of Christ is what gives the Emergent Church theology its wings. It helps you toss along the waves of uncertainty; question what God said is Truth.  A few weeks ago we reported the many ways in which the Church is emerging into a New kind of Spirituality, one that brings […]

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Is the Church submerging?

Is the Church submerging?

The Bible warns us about a great delusion that will take place prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself wants to warn us so that we will be prepared, and said that many of us will fall away.  Is that delusion already underway in our Body of Christ today? We’ve talked about […]

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Pastor Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevatio...

Whom Will You Choose to Follow?

Today we introduced you briefly to a pastor by the name of Steven Furtick.  He is the rising star of the Emergent Church Movement, seemingly replacing Rob Bell as the darling of the movement.  He is bold, brash and becoming controversial for what he teaches and how he teaches it. Furtick pastors the newest mega-church […]

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Fat, Apathetic Christianity?

Fat, Apathetic Christianity?

Apathetic Christianity is a real disease infecting the Body of Christ.  And it is infecting us in several ways. First, our Christian faith has become something that is incomplete these days.  We come to accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord and think the race is complete.  But becoming a Christian is not the end […]

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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 14:  Joel Osteen prom...

Resolve To Know God in 2012

I saw a study that projects nearly 100 million Americans would make 2012 New Year’s resolutions and that by the end of January, nearly 90% would walk away from that resolution.  So how are you doing and just what was your resolution this year?  I might suggest that if your primary resolution was anything short […]

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Truth and alignment: What do we rally 'round?

Truth and alignment: What do we rally 'round?

Today we continue dissecting the Christian Universalist Movement, and its theology that is gaining popularity and strength with Christian book authors (like The Shack), writers, speakers and popular pastors (like Rob Bell). Could you be absorbing some of these ideas without even knowing it? And in our first segment we check in with  Julaine Appling […]

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"The Shack"--enter or steer clear?

"The Shack"–enter or steer clear?

I remember when “The Shack” first came out—it seemed every Christian I knew was reading it.  A friend gave me a copy and encouraged me to read it.  As I started I just didn’t feel right about how the author was portraying God and I stopped reading it. I saw my friend who gave me […]

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