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Pastor Parsley zip-lines to pulpit over cheering congregants

Is it a bird? Is it Tom Cruise? No, it is a pastor!  Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church is raising some eyebrows by releasing this now-viral video of himself zip lining through the air over his cheering congregation, and landing onto his pulpit. His band is playing the “Mission Impossible” theme music to kick […]

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A fast-growing movement with disastrous implications

There are many trends in the Body of Christ that are separating the Truth of a Holy God from those whose ears are eagerly twitching for prosperity, health, wealth and a “gospel” that completely leaves out anything to do with sin (too negative) and the perfect solution: Christ’s atonement. Why name names? Why not just […]

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Tim Tebow cancels appearance with controversial pastor Rod Parsley

The blogosphere was buzzing yesterday with news that Tim Tebow had accepted a speaking engagement at a Columbus event in March led by televangelist Rod Parsley. Today, a spokesman for Tim Tebow says he’s canceling said appearance at the revival organized by the controversial Ohio preacher. People wondered, “Why would Tim Tebow want to be […]

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