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Blocked from @Rick Warren on Twitter

Last night I saw a Facebook post about something that Pastor Rick Warren had tweeted. I haven’t looked at the pastor’s tweets in a while, so I clicked on the link, and found this: Curious indeed. I don’t interact with @Rick Warren, and the last time I posted anything with his name on it would […]

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Rick Warren publicly called to repentance for statements about uniting with Catholics

Christian Research Net is reporting that Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and author of Purpose Driven Life has made some astonishing statements, causing a call for his repentance: Rick Warren’s Call for Christians to Unite With Catholics, ‘Holy Father’ Raising Concerns In a new video, megachurch leader and author Rick Warren is calling for Christians to […]

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Leaving churches: The rise of the “Dones”

Researchers from organizations like Pew Forum and Barna Research have come up with all sorts of names for our behavior and practices. We’ve heard of the “unchurched,” the “De-Churched,” and this past year we’ve heard the term, “the Nones,” the number of Americans who do not identify with any religion. Well now there’s a new […]

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The Neo Emergents: Are you following this new mixed breed?

Brian McLaren, Dan Kimball, Leonard Sweet, Rob Bell – all Emergent leaders who’ve moved into more of a “coach” position. Who are the New Emergent Leaders today? Lots of names you may not have heard of. Leadership Network (the original Druckerite emergent machine), is hooked up with a number of the Next Gen emergent leaders. […]

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Musician Gungor hires PR Agency to handle controversy

Lots of Christian celebrities are hiring public relations agencies these days, especially in times of trouble. Mark Driscoll did, Rick Warren did, and now Dove-award winning singer Michael Gungor has too. In fact Gungor has contracted with Frederick & Associates – the same company Saddleback Church has used – to “help with press” he is […]

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This is an excellent article for anyone who is concerned about how the ever-shifting seekermergent church model is Islamizing their congregants. For those who are new here and whose churches follow the Willow Creek Association or Saddleback model, this will be especially disturbing. Many of you are just now working up the courage to peek […]

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The modern church and Neo Paganism: an interview with Bob DeWaay

If you’ve never heard of terms like eco-feminism, panentheism or internconnectedness, you’ll want to take notes on what today’s guest has to say. If you guessed that these are pagan terms, you are correct. But did you know that this new kind of paganism has a strong foothold in a growing number of modern churches? […]

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When is it time to bail out?

  We cover the church growth movement quite a bit on this program. It is designed to grow attendance through entertainment, emotional manipulation and very little of what “customers” really need: The Gospel.  Today we are going to find why one pastor has left the Church Growth movement. Today’s Episode: Subscribe (RSS | iTunes) Having […]

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Reviewing 2013

2013 has been a very interesting year indeed for Christians.  The end of 2012 saw the “Mayan Calendar” propaganda being spread as people around the world wondered if the end was upon us, and that is a pretty tough act to follow, but 2013 had its interesting moments. We watched Rick Warren address continued challenges […]

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Why shepherds and sheep need sheep dogs

How important are the sheepdogs to the flock? In the post-modern church model, many beloved shepherds have either gotten rid of their sheepdogs, or have told them to repent and stop doing what they were designed to do. Has this happened in your church? Chris Quintana is senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Cypress in California. Chris has a love […]

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chrch grwth

Roots of the "Church Growth Movement"

In the early days of the church, Christians gathered to equip one another to do that, and the purpose of the church became about praying with one another, worshiping God, breaking bread and learning from the apostles teachings about Jesus. Our Lord instructed us through the ages to go forth and proclaim the Gospel to […]

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Rick Warren Facebook

Rick Warren’s Top 100 Pastors to Follow

Joel Osteen? T.D. Jakes???  This is quite a Facebook Post from Pastor Rick Warren. Here he tells is fans which senior pastors — the top 100 in fact – that he recommends his fans follow on Twitter. Here is the exact post, but you can also follow the link above and see the strange conversation […]

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Convergent Churches and planting tares

Today we talked about the Emergent church and how it is now Converging. If you missed that interview with Herescope’s Sarah Leslie, you will want to download it and listen. If you listen to just ONE podcast on Stand Up For The Truth, this is it. With that in mind, you’ll be able to understand […]

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Missional Disciple"SHIFT"ers: The next new thing

Are you hearing words like “Missional,” “Multiplication,” “Acceleration,” “Church Growth,” “Future Travelers,” and “DiscipleSHIFT?” Then you might have been exposed to the Exponential conference happening in the Purpose-Seeker-mergent Church. Folks, it is everywhere these days. But is it in the Bible? What is this movement is really about, and why are so many mainline evangelical […]

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The "Saddleback Model" is missing something

Here is how the Saddleback Church Model is taught around the globe, incorporating Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Here, Dave Holden uses a white board to capture the symbols to help you learn it too. Got it? Law, Law,Law, Law,Law,Law, Law,Law, Law, Law, Law, Law, Law, Law, Law, Law.” “It’s simple. We bring people in, build […]

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Perspective from Pastors

Where is Christianity headed? Do “watchmen” have a role in the Church? Today we are going to get a perspective from pastors! Church leaders in particular face many challenges as they equip the saints and shepherd their flocks. Joining us on our program today: Pastor Brian Kult of Bethel Baptist Church in Allouez and Barney […]

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Studio surprise? Rick Warren pops in on Pastor's Perspective

Twenty minutes into their live Pastor’s Perspective program on Wednesday, host Don Stewart and Calvary Pastor Chuck Smith seemed surprised when Rick Warren walked into the studio and took a seat: Don Stewart: Uh, Chuck, we’ve got someone sitting in your left, and perhaps the TV cameras catch him, do you want to introduce him […]

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Rick Warren creates "The Bible"-Driven sermons, small groups

“Lord, what are we going to do?” asks a disciple. “Change the world,” Jesus answers, in a slightly British accent. Here is the movie trailer from the History Channel’s new The Bible series set to debut March 3rd – Easter Sunday: Will The Bible remain true to Scripture, or will its producers, Roma Downey (“Touched […]

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Harlem Shake the latest rage at Saddleback

Saddleback Church’s youth shows us what decades of cultural accommodation in evangelicalism look like, with a little Harlem Shake.  The scene reminds me of those revelers dancing around the golden calf in The Ten Commandments movie. The video is below: (HT: Inge Schlueter) Related articles Harlem Shake at Saddleback Church’s High School Ministry Joyner’s Holy Ghost […]

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LifeChurchTV is "Daniel Fasting" sort of

Looks like LifeChurch TV is going to partake in a 21-day “Daniel Fast,” by giving up meat, dairy and sugar, among other foods. They’re doing this for health reasons and also “to experience His presence on a whole new level.” The Oklahoma-based mega-church, headed by Craig Groeschel, encouraged its members to visit the website of […]

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