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The "Saddleback Model" is missing something

Here is how the Saddleback Church Model is taught around the globe, incorporating Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Here, Dave Holden uses a white board to capture the symbols to help you learn it too. Got it? Law, Law,Law, Law,Law,Law, Law,Law, Law, Law, Law, Law, Law, Law, Law, Law.” “It’s simple. We bring people in, build […]

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Window at Parish Church of St Peter, Frampton ...

Perspective from Pastors

Where is Christianity headed? Do “watchmen” have a role in the Church? Today we are going to get a perspective from pastors! Church leaders in particular face many challenges as they equip the saints and shepherd their flocks. Joining us on our program today: Pastor Brian Kult of Bethel Baptist Church in Allouez and Barney […]

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Studio surprise? Rick Warren pops in on Pastor's Perspective

Twenty minutes into their live Pastor’s Perspective program on Wednesday, host Don Stewart and Calvary Pastor Chuck Smith seemed surprised when Rick Warren walked into the studio and took a seat: Don Stewart: Uh, Chuck, we’ve got someone sitting in your left, and perhaps the TV cameras catch him, do you want to introduce him […]

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Rick Warren creates "The Bible"-Driven sermons, small groups

“Lord, what are we going to do?” asks a disciple. “Change the world,” Jesus answers, in a slightly British accent. Here is the movie trailer from the History Channel’s new The Bible series set to debut March 3rd – Easter Sunday: Will The Bible remain true to Scripture, or will its producers, Roma Downey (“Touched […]

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Harlem Shake the latest rage at Saddleback

Saddleback Church’s youth shows us what decades of cultural accommodation in evangelicalism look like, with a little Harlem Shake.  The scene reminds me of those revelers dancing around the golden calf in The Ten Commandments movie. The video is below: (HT: Inge Schlueter) Related articles Harlem Shake at Saddleback Church’s High School Ministry Joyner’s Holy Ghost […]

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Daniel Plan

LifeChurchTV is "Daniel Fasting" sort of

Looks like LifeChurch TV is going to partake in a 21-day “Daniel Fast,” by giving up meat, dairy and sugar, among other foods. They’re doing this for health reasons and also “to experience His presence on a whole new level.” The Oklahoma-based mega-church, headed by Craig Groeschel, encouraged its members to visit the website of […]

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Rick Warren, Chelsea Clinton talk Gay Marriage, Daniel Plan

Rick Warren, Chelsea Clinton talk Gay Marriage, Daniel Plan

In case you missed it, NBC is creating a lot of buzz since the much awaited (and promoted) interview of Saddleback’s Pastor Rick Warren by correspondent Chelsea Clinton. Both the network and the pastor have been getting the word out to their wide audiences, and the interview finally aired last night on NBC’s Rock Center. […]

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Rick Warren, Dr. Oz rile the left and right over homosexuality

Rick Warren, Dr. Oz rile the left and right over homosexuality

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback is making news again, this time the secular media and the progressive Christian blogs are jumping on comments he is making about homosexuality. I’ll let Erin Benziger over at Do Not Be Surprised start us off: Warren Discusses Homosexuality, Says It’s Not a Sin to Love Somebody, “It Might Be […]

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16,000 Halloween revelers rock Rick Warren's 'Blocktober'

“Saddleback Church event drew families from throughout Orange County for an evening of fun,” proclaims the Orange County Register: Here is Erika Ritchie’s story:  LAKE FOREST – Four days after returning from deployment to Afghanistan, Ben Fisher was at Saddleback Church’s mega block party. Fisher, a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton as part of the […]

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Proclaiming justice amidst persecution

Proclaiming justice amidst persecution

Today we’re covering news out of Orange County and Saddleback Church, where megachurch pastor Rick Warren has announced he is cancelling the presidential forum he was planning with President Obama and Mitt Romney.  We’ve posted a story on our website from the Orange County Register, the only news source able to interview Warren about his […]

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Article Tab: In August 2008, pastor Rick Warren hosted then senators Barack Obama and John McCain for his first presidential forum at Saddleback Church. The success of the forum and its reviews led Warren to consider hosting another one this week.

BREAKING: Rick Warren cancels Obama-Romney forum at Saddleback

Rick Warren had announced earlier this summer that he would be interviewing our presidential candidates next week, but that is not going to happen. Pastor Warren has cancelled the event. Why? Because he says both campaigns are “too negative.” Erika Ritchie over at the Orange County Register has the big news: LAKE FOREST – Rick […]

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Why is Rick Warren promoting New Age authors again?

Why is Rick Warren promoting New Age authors again?

Two New Age health books — including one that that promotes “Sa Ta Na Ma” meditation (a form of Kirtin Kriya yoga) — are getting huge endorsements from Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.  The question is, why? Why would a Christian pastor, who says he only believes in biblical meditation, continually point his many […]

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Twitter damage control: Saddleback says don't follow enemies

Twitter damage control: Saddleback says don’t follow enemies

Rick Warren explains how Twitter’s social media guidelines are found right in the Bible from the lips of our Savior. From Matthew Paul Turner’s blog. Click on the image to enlarge. Related articles Saddleback’s Daniel Plan guru promotes sourcery – again (standupforthetruth.com) The CAMEL method, “Isa” and Saddleback’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan: New dots to connect (standupforthetruth.com) […]

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Was Habakkuk a Hater?

Let’s face it. The Book of Habakkuk in the Bible is not one most people study or even quote. This minor prophet wrote his account of some very important conversations with God more than 600 years before Christ came into the world as a man. Habakkuk lived in a time much like we do today, […]

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