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Pitiable Capitulating Pro-family Leaders – Part 1

Religious Right, Christian Right, religious conservatives, “values voters” and evangelicals  are a few of the titles given to the social and or political groups that wish to hang on to the “traditional family values” (TFV) that are passed on from one generation to the next.  These values are defined as “the moral and ethical principles […]

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The Neo Emergents: Are you following this new mixed breed?

Brian McLaren, Dan Kimball, Leonard Sweet, Rob Bell – all Emergent leaders who’ve moved into more of a “coach” position. Who are the New Emergent Leaders today? Lots of names you may not have heard of. Leadership Network (the original Druckerite emergent machine), is hooked up with a number of the Next Gen emergent leaders. […]

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A Time For Real Christian Leadership

It does not take a rocket scientist to observe all that is going on around us and imagine a day soon when the world and the church may be thrown into chaos.  The Middle East is on the verge of implosion as radical Islam is taking over nation after nation.  Iran has reiterated it will […]

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Packers Robbed–While God is Smeared. What Angers Us Most?

Green Bay Packers fans—yes, they were robbed Monday night in Seattle. Those that know me know I have officiated all major sports on the High School level for two decades.  They also know I am continually defending sports officials as they have a very difficult job.  I have even asked for patience and understanding on […]

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Welcome to Full Blown Apostasy in America

Fellow Christians, things are getting very hairy in our great nation.  On the secular front, sixteen trillion dollars in debt and a weak economy are threatening to drag our nation into an economic depression we may never get out of.  Morally and spiritually, we are headed toward bankruptcy as we abandon the Judeo-Christian laws and […]

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Holding Leaders Biblically Accountable

Loyalty can be a very endearing quality.  Standing along side a friend when they are going through a rough patch, or staying true to your spouse when he or she is going through some challenges is noble and a desirable quality. And when it comes to Christian leaders, we must do all we can to […]

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Poor Chinese

Biblical Social Justice

In Matthew 19:16-26, Jesus seems to have a stern admonishment for wealthy people:  “Truly I say to you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.   Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich […]

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Leadership and the Willow Creek Summit

I confess that I may have been a little hard on the Willow Creek Leadership Summit on today’s show, but I think we live in a time when tough questions and a tough self-examination is sometimes necessary.  By no means are we saying you should not attend, just understand that not every leader presented lines […]

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The War on Christianity–Are Our Leaders Prepared?

The battle over the statement on marriage by Chik-Fil-A executive Dan Cathy has stirred up strong emotions throughout the country. Radical homosexual activists and humanists are attacking Chik-Fil-A hoping to destroy them because of their biblical stance on marriage, and around the country hundreds of thousands of Christians are rallying to support Chik-Fil-A. However it […]

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The Real Story Behind the Hatred of Chick-Fil-A

The recent uproar and reaction to Ckick-Fil-A President Dan Cathey’s proclamation in the belief of biblical marriage as defined by God is fascinating to watch on many fronts.  As in all circumstances, it is important we take a step back and see the big picture of what is going on here?  Is it an attack […]

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Cross & Clouds

Will We Really Stand Strong to the End?

The Christian church in America is suffering from a lack of leaders who can think strategically and see the big picture.  Many have been lulled to sleep by seeker friendly movements, purpose driven theology and tolerance, marginalizing the complete gospel so as to seem loving and relevant.  While the numbers of people who claim to […]

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KJV Bible

Know the End of the Book

Knowing how a story ends brings a whole new perspective to whatever it is we are reading.  When we read a murder novel or watch a mystery movie not knowing who the criminal is, we often miss subtle clues.  However when we know how the story ends and who the criminal is, and read the […]

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Headed Over a Spiritual and Moral Cliff?

Critiquing traditional foundations of our society is never easy—but sometimes it is necessary.  An objective look at where our nation and the church in America is headed can lead to only one conclusion—we are headed into a spiritual and moral abyss from which we may never recover.  How did it come to this? No single […]

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Practice on balance beam

Proper Spiritual Balance

The life of a true Christian—a disciple of Jesus Christ—is one of balance.  Jesus warned us that the path to eternal life is narrow, and few find it; and finding that proper spiritual balance is crucial to walking that narrow path. That balance shows up in several situations:  We are to walk in the grace […]

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Social Justice: The guise of helping the poor

Christians in all denominations and in non-denominational churches are being duped. The rise of the social justice and emergent church movements is spreading a false gospel message and distorting God’s very words—and a growing number are falling prey to it. The social justice movement are pushing a radical political agenda that covertly supports homosexual marriage […]

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The National Association of Evangelicals and the Lies of Climate Change

Yesterday’s show on Agenda 21 was hopefully an eye-opener for Christians.  The growing power of the United Nations and the control it is trying to impose on the life of every person in the world should be a wake-up call for Christians.  The U.N. is an organization that is rotten to the core, continually promoting […]

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Narcissistic Christianity

Narcissistic Christianity

I was reviewing an interesting post on our Stand Up For the Truth Facebook site this morning that I think points to the problem we have ourselves in as a Church in America these days.  The man who posted it pointed out what he refers to as the schizophrenic state of American Christianity because Jonathon […]

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Christian Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Leadership–Without strong, principled leadership an organization is doomed to failure.  Leadership sets the vision and the path to attain that vision.  This is true within corporations, governments, families and religion.  Any organization will only go as far as leadership allows it to go. Our nation was founded by leaders who recognized that all authority and […]

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Disjointed apostasy movements? I don't think so…

The greatest military leaders are ones who can see beyond the current battle conditions and take a strategic look at what the enemy is up to.  They understand that deception is a big part of warfare and that enemies often try to lull their opponents into a false sense of security as they lay a […]

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Christian Responsibility to our Nation

There can be no doubt that America is at an important crossroad.  Economically, we are drowning in debt as the federal government attempts to become a nanny state and more Americans develop a sense of entitlement.  On the world scene we are trying to manage a potentially explosive situation in the Middle East as Iran […]

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