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Båstad riots 1968.

Civil War Within the Church

We shared two articles this morning directly relating to the Catholic Church—one on a call for a new world financial order and the other on how American Catholics seem to be distancing themselves from the Vatican’s authority and teachings on several subjects.  But these issues are not only facing the Catholic Church, but many denominations […]

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An old style alarm clock.

Opinions and Truth

Every day on this show we state our purpose:  We share news and opinions on issues that affect our Christian faith and we point you to the Word of God as the only source of absolute truth we can count on.  We encourage you to not take anything we or our guests say as absolute […]

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Judging Method, But Not the Heart

We receive a lot of suggestions from our listeners on potential show topics and we want to thank each of you for your suggestions and your prayers and encouragement as we approach our one year anniversary of Stand Up for the Truth.  I remember very early on wondering what we would talk about every day […]

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Winfrey on the first national broadcast of The...

Oprah's Christianity–And Saddleback Church?

Let’s be honest with ourselves…how many times have we just not wanted to attend our local church on a Sunday morning?  Maybe stay home and relax, recharge the batteries and just do nothing.  But we get up, get going, and prepare ourselves for a time of worship with our local fellowship of believers. But wait […]

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Flashmob madrid

Are Christians Prepared If Chaos Comes?

I am 57 years old.  I have lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, Watergate, The economic malaise under President Carter, and the renewed hope under Ronald Reagan. I lived and served our nation during the Viet Nam war era and was on high alert when Arab nations, supported by the Soviet Union, attacked and almost […]

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Islam in America–How Do We Respond as Christians?

Like many communities in our nation, Green Bay is seeing a tremendous influx of Muslim refugees from countries like Somalia.  New mosques are being built and Islam is fast becoming a religion that is growing and attracting new converts. In Europe, Islam has grown through immigration to a point where several studies state that by […]

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New Age Christianity–Are You Prepared?

“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine.  Instead to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.  They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” To me, […]

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Boston - Back Bay: Trinity Church (aerial)

Will the Church in America Stand Strong? Or Give In?

So just where is the Christian Church in America headed?  Some think God is preparing us for a great spiritual revival—while others believe that because of our sin and turning our backs on God, He is lifting his hand of blessing and protection on us and we are headed into very difficult times. My belief […]

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Ryan Braun

Baseball and Our Christian Walk

I confess to being a big baseball fan.  While my lovely bride and many people find baseball to be boring, I am intrigued by the battle between the pitcher and the batter on every pitch and how difficult it is to be successful as a professional baseball player.  Put your self in the shoes of […]

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A Biblical Perspective On Climate Change

It is easy to get so caught up in a single cause that we lose our perspective, and as Christians we are certainly not immune to this.  Many of us become so passionate about a single issue that it causes us to leave common sense and wisdom out of the equation completely. And the radical […]

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Heated Argument

Just What Is Worth Fighting Over?

As we complete the tenth month of broadcasting Stand Up For the Truth, today’s show was a microcosm on why we do this show to begin with.  There are many issues facing the Body of Christ these days.  Some are very meaningful and others are seen as useless, petty arguments that divide the Body.  This […]

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Harry S. Truman, president of the United States

Strong Leaders Need Strong Followers

A continuing theme on Stand Up For the Truth is the need for our Christian leaders to be watchmen and strong leaders.  As we have seen, there are mounting attacks on the church, seeking to sew seeds of doubt among Christians regarding the absolute truth of God’s Word.  And once we accept the lie that […]

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The Bible

Does the Church Need Change or Stability?

I remember reading a book in High School, Future Shock by Alvin Toffler.  In it Toffler talks about too much change too quickly and how the world would one day be changing so rapidly that it could not keep up with itself, and chaos would soon reign.  The rapid growth of fundamental change would be […]

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An old style alarm clock.

Time For The Church To Wake Up!

Allow us to give you a little peek behind the scenes here at Stand Up For the Truth.  We receive many phone calls, letters and emails thanking us for the show as we shine the light on attacks on the church and the purity of God’s Word.  There is no doubt that God is using […]

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