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LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 15:  Gay men and women...

Is The Church being Assimilated Into The Culture?

Listening to Sally Kern’s story this morning is a chilling reminder of the price any of us might pay one day for standing up for the truth of God’s Word.  There was no hatred or malice in what she said—she was simply stating facts:  that homosexuality is a sin and that there is a radical […]

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Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in Munich, G...

The Church in America: Leaders or Lap Dogs?

The story of Adolph Hitler’s rise to power is sad, but very interesting.  One obscure man, filled with passion for his nation and hatred for the Jews, comes from nowhere to become possibly the greatest mass murderer in history.  5 million Jews murdered and nearly 50 million dead world wide in a war started by […]

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العربية: المدارس الفقهية الإسلامية الرئيسيّة و...

The Jews–Standing Alone Again?

There may be no greater threat to world wide Christianity than the religion of Islam.  In the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Christians are being killed every day by radical Muslims who have been taught from an early age that it is their duty to kill all Christians and Jews.  They are taught that Allah […]

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English: Jim Wallis, Editor-in-Chief and Chief...

Will The Church Stand? Or Fall?

The hypocrisy of so called social justice organizations like Sojourners is truly amazing.  They will take stands on issues like public transportation, growing the federal government through higher taxes and global warming, but they are silent while 1,5 million babies are murdered every year in our nation under the guise of a woman’s right to […]

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Discernment:"Who Are You To Question…?

Discernment.  Both David and Solomon continually asked God for discernment so they might serve Him and his people wisely.  The Apostles preached about the need to be discerning regarding spirits and teachings of leaders.  It is obvious God wants us to have a discerning heart when we deal with things of this world and in […]

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English: major crossroad

Our Nation and Church at a Crossroad

As our children seem to learn less and less about the founding of our nation, more of them are convinced our government was established as a democracy, rather than a republic.  Our founding fathers chose a representative Republic as the preferred method of government, fearing a pure democracy would potentially lead to mob rule and […]

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English: Church service

Unity? Or Dysfunction in the Body of christ?

About once a week we receive a phone call or comment about how the listener feels Stand Up For the Truth is dividing the Body of Christ.  They are understandably concerned that when we discuss controversial issues within our faith that it can lead to dissension and arguments.  They state how we need unity in […]

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English: Jim Wallis

Christian Leaders? Or Cowards?

It’s important when we read the news or listen to what a leader says that we look beyond the rhetoric and discern the real intentions of the one delivering a message to us.  Watch the nightly news about what is going on in Africa these days.  The secular news reports with terms like “tribal violence” […]

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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 14:  Joel Osteen prom...

Resolve To Know God in 2012

I saw a study that projects nearly 100 million Americans would make 2012 New Year’s resolutions and that by the end of January, nearly 90% would walk away from that resolution.  So how are you doing and just what was your resolution this year?  I might suggest that if your primary resolution was anything short […]

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The Pharisees Question Jesus

A Time To Be Meek–and a Time To Fight!

Fire breathing Christians…I’m sure that title causes discomfort in many of us in these politically correct days we live in.  We have been taught as Christians to be kind, meek and gentle.  And certainly those are desirable characteristics when we keep them in proper context and perspective.  But, as always, we look to the bible […]

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The Lines Are Being Drawn

The Lines Are Being Drawn

2011 has indeed been an interesting year to be a Christian.  From the controversial teachings of Rob Bell, to the so called “Arab Spring”, to the ill-advised predictions of Harold Camping, it has been a fascinating year.  And through it all, I believe God is continuing to implement the separation of His sheep from the […]

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Group of Christians praying in the cave at Yeo...

2012: A Year For Spiritual Preparation

So what can we expect out of 2012 for the nation and for us as Christians?  Well, only God knows for sure, but I think by studying our recent history we can get a pretty good feel for what 2012 might look like. As Americans, I think we will see a fierce battle for power […]

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On This, We Can Hopefully Agree!

On This, We Can Hopefully Agree!

This year on Stand Up For the Truth, we’ve covered the gamut of issues challenging the church in America.  There are the external threats like Islam, humanism and the New Age Movement infiltrating the church—and the internal issues like the social justice and emergent church movement.  We hope this show is leading Christians to be […]

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Causing Little Ones To Stumble?

As we look at all the false teachings out there these days and the threats to the church in America, I have this little thing I do where I try to assess the seriousness of these threats and how much time we should spend studying them.  Well the “New Atheism” is perhaps not an overt […]

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