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truth crumbling

Evangelical Disaster

Today we’re reading a very important statement from our Board of Directors about why we’re pulling out of a local Christian event that we have long sponsored. Plus our guest Jake Jacobs will be here to talk about how Postmodernism has shredded Truth in the evangelical church, but God’s Word is flourishing in the remnant […]

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Parent: Transsexual teacher in Appleton, Wis., Pre-K class causes concern

Should parents be informed  that their four- and five-year-olds will be taught by a transsexual preschool teacher? An Appleton, Wis., mother says yes, and has contacted the Appleton Area School District about its new 4K program, after her young daughter told her she was confused about why a girl teacher is a boy. Elisha Perez, […]

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Common Core

Parents, Teachers and Common Core: the train is gaining speed

Today we are talking about education and Common Core. There are many new development we need to cover today, and we also want to hear from you, if you are a parent whose student has experienced the Common Core standards and curriculum. You’ll need to understand this system that will push parents out of the […]

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Cover of "Holy Yoga: Exercise. for the Ch...

“Holy” Yoga in my church?

We recently received a letter from a listener in Pennsylvania who raised concerns with church leaders who have embraced “holy yoga” in their church. He suffered what usually happens to many of us when we compare a practice method or teaching to Scripture, and then challenge church leadership: He was ostracized and called a Pharisee: […]

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Children in a kindergarten classroom in France

Common Core lessons reducing teachers to "robots"

A large number of teachers are discovering that the Common Core curriculum is leaving them with less control in the classroom. Many have said this forced education program is robbing them of their creativity and threatening to reduce them to mere “robots” that deliver pre-packaged lessons “word for word.” “I’m unable to do projects anymore […]

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Bad apples convinced Johnny to join.

Drawing a Line on Heresy

First, a huge thank you to all of you who write and call with encouragement for the topics we discuss on Stand Up For the Truth.  Virtually everywhere we go, people are coming up and telling us how much they enjoy the show and how it is helping them discern in these challenging times.  Around […]

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Dirt road in Switzerland for agricultural use.

Which Road Are You On?

I wish I could accurately predict exactly when Jesus will return.  But then again I’m just not that smart and Jesus also told us only our heavenly Father knew the exact date and time.  So for now we will just have to keep on living one day at a time, staying in God’s will and […]

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Madison Protests

The Real Problem With Education in Wisconsin

As taxpayers and public employees face a looming deadline to resolve the issues in Madison, I encourage all Christians to pray for a positive resolution to the events that are polarizing our state.  As labor unions and community organizers continue to import people from all around the country, emotions are flaring and the rhetoric is […]

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Young Madison Protestor stands up for teachers

Chaos in Madison

We are watching a very serious situation unfold in Madison where union members, students and community organizers are protesting budget cuts in the state of Wisconsin.  Make no mistake, this situation has the potential to become violent and ugly.  I think it is important for Christians to step back and be on our knees praying […]

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