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Ralph Wolf attempting to steal all the sheep

The homogenized church of man

The Book of Revelation clearly identifies the False Prophet as one from a fake Christianity. It will support Satan’s agenda on earth.  It will syncretize elements of experiential New Age, purpose-driven, signs and wonders, Church Growth, the Social Gospel and Universalism, and of course some elements of truth. And that’s how it will trick millions […]

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Kids’ church lemonade stand raises money for same-sex ‘marriage’

At first I thought this was a spoof. But LifeSiteNews carries this story. Not surprisingly, the denomination is Unitarian Universalist, of which I am very familiar having been raised in that secular humanist sect.  Here is the story: Nothing so calls to mind the spirit of innocence than a child’s summertime lemonade stand. However, at […]

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KJV Bible

Know the End of the Book

Knowing how a story ends brings a whole new perspective to whatever it is we are reading.  When we read a murder novel or watch a mystery movie not knowing who the criminal is, we often miss subtle clues.  However when we know how the story ends and who the criminal is, and read the […]

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English: Church service

Unity? Or Dysfunction in the Body of christ?

About once a week we receive a phone call or comment about how the listener feels Stand Up For the Truth is dividing the Body of Christ.  They are understandably concerned that when we discuss controversial issues within our faith that it can lead to dissension and arguments.  They state how we need unity in […]

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Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the...

A study of Christian Universalism

Today we’re visiting some of the Christian Universalist groups to examine what they believe about God, Jesus, the trinity and salvation.  If you’d like to explore those sites with us, check out the Christian Universalist Association, and one called the Beautiful Heresy. As we conclude our series this week on Christian Universalism, here is a […]

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Is The Church being Lulled To Sleep?

  As I study this growing movement of Universalism and how it is infecting the Christian Church in America, there are a couple subtle, but important distinctions we must understand when confronting this movement of apostasy. First, the character and nature of God.  Universalists will often state that “God is love.”  Well, that is accurate, […]

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Truth and alignment: What do we rally 'round?

Today we continue dissecting the Christian Universalist Movement, and its theology that is gaining popularity and strength with Christian book authors (like The Shack), writers, speakers and popular pastors (like Rob Bell). Could you be absorbing some of these ideas without even knowing it? And in our first segment we check in with  Julaine Appling […]

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"The Shack"–enter or steer clear?

I remember when “The Shack” first came out—it seemed every Christian I knew was reading it.  A friend gave me a copy and encouraged me to read it.  As I started I just didn’t feel right about how the author was portraying God and I stopped reading it. I saw my friend who gave me […]

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We are ONE!

Stand Up For The Truth is celebrating its first anniversary of our maiden voyage last December 6th, 2010. Did you know that the spark for this show was based on our own lack of awareness of these issues? In 2009, Mike LeMay was asked an important, game-changing question: Are you, as General Manager of Christian […]

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Christian Leaders and Islam–How Do We Respond?

Yesterday our nation commemorated the tenth anniversary of a cowardly attack on our nation by radical Muslims, where 3,000 innocent people lost their lives in the name of Allah.  Because of this attack, America will never be the same.  Where we once thought ourselves immune from terror, we know realize it may soon be a […]

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Christians praying in Goma, DR of Congo.

Search My Heart, O God!

How do you fight against the inevitable?  The bible clearly states that in the final days the anti-christ will rise to power and unite the world in its hatred toward God, choosing to worship a false god.  It seems most, if not all nations will join him in this unholy venture. Growing up before I […]

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National Baptist Evangelical Life and Soul Sav...

Are You Firm in Your Faith?

Isaiah 7:9 contains a very chilling word from God that seems so appropriate to the times we live in today:  “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”  A very strong warning from God that we need to take to heart these days. The Emergent church movement is […]

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Shepherd in Făgăraş Mountains, Romania

Are You a Watchman–Or Playing It Safe?

As one looks at all that is going on in the world today, the one thing you can see for certain is that lines are being drawn in the sand on several fronts.  Politically, emotions and anger are running high as both parties blame each other for the financial crisis we face.  Both parties seem […]

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Smells like 1969 - Peace Rally Clot  NYC

Unity Around What?

Paul’s letters to the Corinthians cover a myriad of subjects.  But an overriding message is for Christians not to quarrel with one another over relatively unimportant issues–but he also encouraged them to not tolerate false teachings and false teachers within the church. We tackle a lot of difficult issues on Stand Up For the Truth.  […]

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Hubble telescope picture of the Whirlpool Galaxy.

What Is A "Christian Universalist?"

I found this over at Sola Sisters, and found it to be a great resource on New Age spirituality. Be sure to check out the Sola Sisters blog and Facebook page. It used to be that Universalists behaved and stayed in the New Age where they belonged.  But sadly, those days are over.  And it […]

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Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.

Watchman or Pharisee?

Earlier this week Warren Smith shared his concerns for New Age teachings he believes are infiltrating the minds and hearts of many Americans and some Christians.  When he discussed Rick Warren we knew there would be some strong reactions.  And I want to sincerely thank Chad for sharing his thought with us on the subject […]

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Courage and Real Love

Have you ever been in a church where the issue and threat of Islam was discussed?  Well I haven’t, and I am left wondering why that is. Islam is a rapidly growing religion and is attracting many youth, even here in the United States.  It teaches worship of a false god and is a real […]

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What Is Christian Universalism?

The Christian Universalist Association considers a straightforward belief in Scripture as biblical Truth to be misguided and counterproductive. “If a religious organization is to exist at all, it should stand for something about important questions of life, faith, God, and the world beyond — and it should present its real current beliefs in an honest […]

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Are You On the Narrow Path?

In Matthew 24, Jesus warns us of what will happen in the end times.  In verse 24 Jesus states: “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect, if that were possible.”  Jesus goes on to tell us to remain vigilant and prepared for His […]

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As we discussed on Stand Up for the Truth this morning, there is a growing movement within progressive Christian circles promoting “Chrislam”, a blending of Christianity and Islam.  It is important for Believers to learn for themselves just what the Koran does and does not say about Jesus.  This is important because promoters of Chrislam […]

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