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Here Comes the "Chrislam" Train

Monday, we will begin our discussion on an emerging new religion being promoted by the social justice and emergent church movements.  It is an attempt to legitimize Islam and make it “compatible” with Christianity.  This is a dangerous false teaching that sadly is very appealing to young people these days.  It is a ‘religion” that […]

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With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...

Obama's Church Appearance Highlights Public Trend

President Obama attended church in Hawaii Sunday, continuing a trend of public expressions of his Christian faith in the past three months, argues Carol E. Lee in Politico. Obama has publicly mentioned his “Christian faith” more times in the past three months than he has over the past year. He has more frequently cited passages […]

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Climate zones of the world

Divine Aid for Climate Change

Who says that we live in a secular age? I’ll have you know that a recent U.N. climate change conference began with a prayer that the delegates would receive divine inspiration as they went about saving the planet. Of course, the deity being prayed to was not the God and Father of our Lord Jesus […]

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Flags at the enterance of the 2007 United Nati...

Preparation for the Poor: Why Climate Funding Can’t Wait

The effects of climate change — coastal flooding, stronger storms, spreading vector-borne diseases like malaria, and changes in rainfall patterns — are already taking their toll on marginalized people from Pakistan, to Malawi, to New Orleans. And while efforts must be put towards staving the effects of climate change through political action and personal sacrifice, […]

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