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A strong exhortation to stay the course

We know that we most assuredly are in a time of the great falling away that Jesus spoke of. We are seeing a huge increase in false teachings and false teachers infiltrating even ministries and churches that have been solid contenders for truth. We know what the Bible says about grievous wolves, and how we […]

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Of students and teachers

Today we’re talking about the new normal for public school students, and the strange case of one teacher who went off the doctrinal rails a couple years ago. Up first,  student surveillance, and spying on our kids. plus training teachers to teach about racism and Ferguson, and a new twist on school lunch policies. We’ll […]

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“But did you pray for the wolf?”

“But did you pray for the wolf?” If you contend for the faith, you may have heard this from those who question why you would dare to question the teachings of leaders – teachings that don’t line of Scripture. This phrase is nothing more than a post – modern guilt trip, designed to make sure you […]

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When you find yourself under the bus wheels

Do you know what Blessed Subtraction means? Does your church practice this? Church discipline is not about piling dead bodies behind the church. It is about redemption and restoration. But if your church follows the Purpose-Driven business model of “vision casting,” then what do you do with those who oppose, question or challenge the vision? […]

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