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The Emergent Church Emerging into the Darkness


As I was researching the emergent church for this article I came across many quotes worthy of comment, but by no means decisively and summarily picturesque of the movement itself, such as; ‘the great iniquity in the
distribution of income’ (Obama’s personal favorite), ‘present reign of God in this world’, ‘social dimensions of the gospel’, even Rob Bell saying, ‘We’re rediscovering Christianity as an Eastern religion, as a way of life’, but much talk is on theology itself. Some noteworthy quotes in the emergent theological vein are; ‘theological dialogue’, ‘reverse conversion’, ‘open Christianity’ and looking for something ‘new’. Emergers are dissatisfied with resting on certain Christian theological doctrines and so would like to further explore and challenge these doctrines. They think we need to constantly question what we know or think we know. The very end of the search, its truth being found, effectively is the end of the emergent church, taking away its purpose for existence.

The emergent church leader, Brian Mclaren says, ‘I don’t think we’ve got the gospel right yet.’ When it comes to speaking plainly and completely the emergent church claims God is lacking the ability. In Romans 1:19 Paul writes, ‘For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.’ What does the emergent church do with this verse? Are the current ministers of this ‘church’ purporting great respect for the Bible, but proselytizing its incomprehensibility? What were those worms Calvin and Luther wasting their time with? I hope we can salvage whatever is left of their legacy, notwithstanding their commentaries on that unknowable ‘gospel’.

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