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The Emergent Church movement is gathering steam. Time to understand their thinking. Any experiences you want to share?

Numerous people are rethinking Christianity in contra-distinction to evangelical church.  Because we live in a Postmodern culture the church must adopt new ways to reach them. They believe they have answers for our generation and they call it Emergent.

The Emergent church is carried by its mission for change- for Christians and the church. Contrary to this God does not change and neither has His instructions in the New Testament. But a new leadership that is focusing on our youth is intent on changing the church, updating it for our times.

Many of the youth are on an active search to experience their faith. While we cannot fault them for wanting this to be more real, they are listening to leaders who are apt to lead them astray by the simple fact that they are using other religious practices for the answers to their searching, not just the Scripture. This means they are not intent on following God’s instructions  for the church but are willing to find their solutions elsewhere.

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