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Last week on our daily show, Stand Up For the Truth, Amy and I were discussing the radical homosexual agenda’s plan to overrun our schools and even our churches with their anti-Christian agenda.  I received an email from a Pastor, whom I will not name, asking:  “Well, what are we supposed to do as Pastors when we are surrounded by all this political correctness?”

May I humbly, yet firmly offer some answers?

First, how about preaching the Word of God boldly?  If as a pastor or ministry leader, you are more concerned with offending the politically correct crowd than preaching God’s truth, I suggest it might be time to find a new career.  Scripture is very clear on homosexuality as a sin—either stand firmly on God’s Word or move aside for another who will.

Second, go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to search your heart.  Obviously there are strongholds preventing you from leading the fight for God’s truth.  Perhaps you are a people-pleaser, more worried of offending people than God.  Ask God to reveal your fears to you and then lay them at the foot of the cross.

Third, I suggest you call a meeting of your Church leaders and examine the path you are headed down as a church.  It is so easy to slip into comfort mode and worry more about “nickels and noses” instead of preaching the truth of God’s Word.

Leadership is not easy—trust me I know that.  As leaders we are sometimes faced with a difficult question—do I do what is popular or what is right?   If you want to stick your finger in the wind and make decisions that are popular and easy instead of making the correct, difficult choices, I might suggest a career in politics.  Jesus said it would be difficult to be His disciples—the world would hate you for what you believe.   If we can’t take a little heat now, what will we do when real persecution comes?

Ask yourself a question:  Is God worth it?  Is he worth ridicule, controversy and perhaps even losing our earthly jobs over?  Perhaps that is the real question we need to ask ourselves as Christian leaders.