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The decision by the Appleton School Board to introduce a book for high school freshmen to read containing graphic sexual situations and vulgar language should wake up each of us as parents and taxpayers.  Decisions on what our children read and study in public schools are being made in a vacuum, with little or no input from parents and taxpayers.  This must stop!  Why can the school district send out “robo calls’ reminding us to vaccinate our children against the flu, but cannot find it important to alert parents when a controversial book is being considered as part of the curriculum?  As parents and taxpayers we need to demand more accountability from our public employees.  Or have our local government officials been taking their cue from the federal government—thinking we are here to serve them instead of them serving us?

It is easy to solely blame school officials for this problem, and yes they are partly to blame.  But part of the blame must also fall on us as parents and taxpayers.  How long will we sit silently and just continue to outsource our childrens’ beliefs and values to our public education system—the same system that often does not allow our children to express their religious beliefs at events?  We must bring positive, peaceful pressure on our school boards and school officials to return to strong standards of decency and morality in the text books and curriculums being taught.   School districts around the country are doing far worse—some are mandating pro-homosexual curriculums and even encouraging our students to practice Islamic rituals in the name of “diversity”.  Coming to a school near you soon?  If you think not—think again.

If enough Christians unite, start to attend school board meetings and meet with school officials to let our views be known, we can make a difference.  The Alliance Defense Fund stands ready to help families with this battle.

If we are content to just sit back and allow our children to learn whatever the NEA and the progressive teachers’ union wants them to learn, God help us.  We will have no one but ourselves to blame when our children leave their Christian faith and fall into the arms of progressives ready to indoctrinate them into radical, anti-Christian beliefs and lifestyles.