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I would venture to say satan has spoken these words to mankind more than any others.  The first time it is recorded is in Genesis 3:1 when he seduced Eve into committing the original sin that led to man’s falling away from God.  “Did God really say ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden?”  Note his craftiness in posing the question:  He was stating a half truth in his question to Eve—God did not say Eve could not eat from any tree in the garden—only the one forbidden tree.

So it continues today.  Satan, the master of the half truth, continues to play to the pride of man seeking to separate us from God.  Unfortunately, he seems to have found an audience of willing accomplices within the church.

As I continue to research issues like social justice and The Emergent Church for Stand Up For the Truth, I see the wicked effectiveness of this well played half truth deceiving Christians and leading many to destruction.  While Satan is evil and destructive, we must never underestimate his brilliance in the art of deception.  If he had the audacity to tempt even Jesus, what makes us think he is not confident of his ability to “tweak” the truth and lead us astray?

An excellent example of how he utilizes the half truth is the organization known as Red Letter Christians, started by Tony Campolo and Jim Wallis.  It is founded on a principle that sounds biblical—just follow what Jesus taught and you will be fine.  But as with most human plans that may start off well grounded, Red Letter Christians have taken the bait of Satan by listening to his half truths.  Campolo questions homosexuality as a sin because Jesus never directly identified it as sin.  Never mind that Jesus spoke out against sexual immorality and that in both the Old and New Testaments, homosexuality is defined as a sin.  “Did God really say…?”.  Yes, He did!

On Wednesday, December 15th we begin to identify and dissect the Emergent Church Movement on Stand Up For the Truth.  (You can find the link to listen live at 9am central or listen to the recorded shows posted the same day on this site.)  This is a serious issue that deserves more than a quick glance and a few rebuttals.  This movement is deceiving many and is the single greatest internal threat to the Body of Christ.  Join us as over the next several months as we share their deeply held beliefs, their crafty telling of half truths, and expose their game plan of deception.  If you wish to just bury your head in the sand and hope this movement will go away that is your choice.  But before you do, perhaps it is worthwhile to consider what Jesus said about false teachers in the final days in Matthew 7:15-23.  But then again, did Jesus really say not every one who calls Him “Lord” will enter the Kingdom of heaven?  Yes, He did.