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Are pastors being told they can’t stand up for the truth from their pulpits? Yes! More and more, pastors, lay leaders and Christian ministry leaders are being pressured to preach only “politically correct” passages from the Bible, to conform their sermons to culturally-accepted norms of what the Church “ought to talk about,” and to keep silent about political issues and candidates whose positions have profound moral consequences.

This morning on our show our guest is Erik Stanley from the Alliance Defense Fund. Erik’s law practice focuses on appellite law, free speech, traditional family values, pro-life and religious liberty constitutional law, and leads the ADF Pulpit Initiative to empower pastors across the United States to speak freely from their pulpits. He has filed, briefed and argued numerous trial and court cases on constitutional issues on behalf of church leaders to speak freely on all matters of life, including how Scripture applies to candidates and elections.

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