Today, December 6th at 9am, marks the first airing of Stand Up For the Truth! on Q90 FM.  You can click on the Q90 FM link on this site to listen live.  Today, we will be discussing the events that led us to begin this show and sharing topics we will be discussing over the next several weeks.  If you would like to interact with us during the show, there are several ways you can do that:

  • You can comment on this article—we will be monitoring your comments during the show, sharing with our audience.
  • You can email us at and we will read your questions on air.

We are excited about the journey God has given us and honored to be your “Watchman on the Wall” (Ezekiel 33).  As the world hates the Word of God more with each passing day, it is crucial we stand strong on the eternal truth of His Word.  Many in these times seek to distort God’s Word, leading people astray—and their messages are designed to “tickle the ears”.  Let us not stray in these times of deception and false teachings.