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One of our listeners received a response back from Wisconsin-based Copps/Roundy’s grocery stores to her note asking them why they support the pro-abortion group NARAL and Planned Parenthood.


You may have received a similar note:


“Copps and Roundy’s Supermarkets have never made the decision to support either pro-choice or pro-life organizations, events or campaigns.  We have left those decisions of support up to our individual customers and employees.”


The retailer representative responded to notes we encouraged our listeners to write when we found this article from Pro-Life Wisconsin. Here is our original story which contains all sorts of links you will find helpful.
In that article, there is a link you can follow right to NARAL’s website where it lists Copps as a contributor to its cause. This is the link you’ll want to check out for yourself:


Please know that we have asked the representative to respond to the Pro-Life Wisconsin story and that if this is in error, we will happily correct it. However, NARAL does list Copps (along with the Glass Nickel Pizza Company) as a contributor to its big celebration party of Roe vs. Wade.


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