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Earlier this week we started a discussion on the Emergent Church movement on Stand Up For the Truth.  This is a dangerous movement that we will continue to address moving forward.  To the supporters of this “emergence” I pose the following question:  Just what is it you want us to emerge from?

From what I gather, you want us to emerge from anything in God’s Word that talks about absolutes—like sin and doctrine.  You want us to emerge from our understanding of God’s character—one of perfect love and perfect judgment.  You want the “love side” of God, but refuse to acknowledge He is a God who will judge sinners when He returns in glory.  Come to think of it, rarely do I see the word “sin” mentioned when you spin your flowery rhetoric.

You seem to want us to emerge from biblical scripture that clearly states Jesus will return as a conqueror to vanquish evil, establishing His kingdom.  You prefer instead to teach that man must first establish utopia on earth, ushering in Jesus’ return.  You want us to emerge from Jesus stating that He is the only path to God the Father.  To you, that is simply too judgmental and close minded.  Anything resembling absolute truth—even the Word of God—is too restricting and only for the close minded.

You want us to emerge into a “new Christianity”.  Thank you, no—the Christianity Jesus established is just fine for us.  Do we follow it and live it perfectly?  No—but we are trying.  See, we have no illusion of perfection.  We are sinners who by the love and grace of God keep moving forward.

You want us to emerge to humans who see truth in all religions.  Well I guess we close minded Christians prefer to take God at His Word.  That He is the one true God—that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God took human form to atone for our sins on the cross.  Sorry, I forgot—Brian McLaren, the “guru” of the Emergent Movement, has said the cross is a type of false advertising for Christianity.

So, you can keep your “emergence”.  We will hold on to the absolute truth of God and His Word.  We will continue to plod along as naïve, imperfect Christians who struggle daily to love one another and need God’s mercy and grace at every turn.  We will strive to do what is right, aware of the fact that we are not as “enlightened” as you emergers.  We will make the best we can out of a fallen, decaying world, aware that it will continue to deteriorate until our King returns.

Somehow, we will survive without embracing your idea of emergence.  We will stick to the core doctrines and beliefs of our Christian faith.  We will continue to believe God says what He means, and means what He says.  And we will do the best we can to advance the Kingdom of God to a world that desperately needs to know there is one absolute truth they can count on—His Word.