Here’s an interesting movie clip from a new movie coming out in a few weeks. It’s called, Kids Aren’t Cars: And our Schools Shouldn’t Be Droput Factories, and it’s about the assembly-line mentality of public education–and the education unions that run our schools.



Check out the site and the video. It might be one you’ll want share in your district. It releases online rather than in theaters on Feb. 1.

Here’s what the site says about its film:

America has a one-size-fi ts-all, assembly-line education system that is setting us back in the world—literally graduating some students who cannot read or do basic math. The Kids Aren’t Cars fi lm series exposes how our educational system is designed to benefit school labor unions—putting adults’ interests fi rst, turning schools into dropout factories, and driving school and state budgets into the ground. Focusing on Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, Kids Aren’t Cars offers a disturbing look at American public education.

The Kids Aren’t Cars film series reveals:

• Award-winning younger teachers getting fi red while many ineffective senior teachers keep their jobs.
• School boards paying teachers accused of serious crimes to resign—and providing them
with positive letters of recommendation.
• Recent high school graduates who can’t read their own diplomas.
• Unions skimming millions off teachers’ health insurance plans.
• Vested interests demanding higher spending, even as the failing system squanders billions.

Candid interviews with teachers, parents, school board members, administrators, and union offi cials will
leave you wondering just who the system is serving. But there are solutions, and there is hope. Kids Aren’t
Cars will introduce you to reformers who are making a difference—despite the obstacles that are constantly
thrown in their way.

This nine-part series will premiere at on February 1, 2011.