As Stand Up For the Truth wraps up our seventh week on air, God is doing some amazing things.  Listenership is growing at an amazing rate none of us expected in our wildest dreams.  Christians from all over the world are listening and sharing their comments, concerns and hopes.

We see a common desire surfacing within committed Believers—a desire for true revival based on God’s absolute truth and the need for His people to stand up and fight the enemy.  Committed Christians are tired of luke warm faith; tired of ceding ground to the enemy; and tired of “Christians” who seem to be ashamed of the gospel.

A famous slogan of the American Revolution was “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!”  Christians are looking for our spiritual leaders to strike the match and usher in a great revival God wants for our nation.  But some of our leaders—Pastors and Priests—are not leading.  They are choosing to sit on the sidelines, avoiding “controversy”.  Sorry, but that is simply not an option.  It is crucial we listen to what Jesus says in Luke 9:26:  “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, The Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His glory and in the glory of His Father.”

Sitting this one out is simply not an option.  The stakes are just too high.  Millions of unborn children are being killed in the name of ‘choice”.  Our youth are being fed a humanist agenda in public schools; and they are being led to destruction by progressive Christian leaders preaching a false gospel through emergent and social justice doctrines.

A message to our church and ministry leaders:  We know how difficult your jobs are; leading is difficult; the pressures are immense.  But leaders stand up in difficult times.  That is our job!  So we ask you to boldly stand on the truth of God’s Word.  Proudly proclaim the gospel—salvation for those who are disciples of Jesus Christ—and condemnation for those who choose to not follow.  Stand against false teachers and the humanists who seek to dumb down the Word of God.

If you lead, we will follow. But we will move forward with this revival regardless of how many leaders choose to lead—or sit this one out.  The church in America is under siege—from enemies on the outside and inside.  Thousands stand ready to follow our leaders in the battle for God’s truth.  Strike the match with boldness.  Call for a revival through truth and a pursuit of holiness.  Never have we been faced with such a crisis—or opportunity.  We stand behind you ready for battle; ready to lead our community and nation into a Christ-driven revival.  Will you choose to lead us?