As we discussed on Stand Up for the Truth this morning, there is a growing movement within progressive Christian circles promoting “Chrislam”, a blending of Christianity and Islam.  It is important for Believers to learn for themselves just what the Koran does and does not say about Jesus.  This is important because promoters of Chrislam seek to find ‘common ground” by citing the 25 times the Koran mentions Jesus.

The Koran denies the deity of Jesus Christ.  It teaches that Jesus was more like Elijah, a great prophet who God brought to heaven before He died.  Jesus is viewed as a prophet paving the way for Mohammed, the ultimate prophet.  Many Muslims view Judaism, and then Christianity as incomplete prophecy on the Word of God.  They teach that Mohammed was the last and ‘perfect” prophet who completed God’s written Word.

In my opinion, Chrislam is a giant step toward a one world religion—a melding of the two monotheistic religions into one.  While not yet viewed as a religion, Chrislam is a religion.  I believe it is a movement of what we call “Christian Humanism”.  If you read carefully the writings of Emergent leaders like Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo, you will see their attempts to discredit the absolute truth of God’s Word.  McLaren has gone as far as calling the cross “false advertising” for Christianity, questioning Jesus’ sacrificial atonement for our sins.  It is important we are versed on these false teachings as we move closer to Jesus’ return.  Sweet sounding teachings will tickle the ears and lead many astray from the true gospel message.

In a world ripe for revolution and continued chaos, it is more important than ever that we stay grounded in the Word of God—the bible.  Many false teachers will come forward with ideas that sound appealing; but they are deceptive and seek to blend truth and lies.  Stay alert, stay informed and stay in prayer.