KJV Bible

Monday, we will begin our discussion on an emerging new religion being promoted by the social justice and emergent church movements.  It is an attempt to legitimize Islam and make it “compatible” with Christianity.  This is a dangerous false teaching that sadly is very appealing to young people these days.  It is a ‘religion” that seeks to diminish the Word of God and, I believe, eventually will promote Jesus as ‘teacher” and eventually question His being the Son of God.

It is sad and frightening that radical Islam is flexing its might around the world.  Even sadder are the false, dangerous teachings of these leaders who are deceiving millions of young people with their ‘mushy gospel”.  Through movements like C5 Muslim contextualization and blatant misrepresentations of God’s Word, these false teachers are waging war against the absolute truth of God’s Word.

Will we stand by idly and just hope this issue will go away?  Or will we fight for our youth and their eternal souls by standing up to these false teachers and exposing them for what they are?  In these final days, God is calling His people to shed our lukewarm beliefs and behaviors and boldly proclaim His truth.  Are you willing?  Or are you ashamed of the gospel?  Please read Luke 9:26 before you answer.