The enemy we face, Satan, is very crafty and patient.  He has thousands of years of experience in tempting and appealing to man to turn his back on God.  Starting in the Garden of Eden when he twisted God’s own words to lead Adam and Eve into sin, he is a master liar and teller of the half truth.

Today I believe we are seeing satan’s final plans to undermine God’s Word coming to fruition.  He is succeeding in producing chaos through Islamic terrorism, rising tensions in the Middle East, human greed and the increase of humanism both in the world and even in some Christian churches.

Sadly, many Christians seem to be just going through life oblivious to what is happening around us and to us.  Many seem more concerned with short term issues like the economy than in making sure we are prepared for the return of our King, Jesus Christ.  All around us satan is moving his chess pieces into position to spring his trap on those who are not completely focused on Jesus Christ.  To Christians immersed in God’s Word it is becoming apparent that the Lord is preparing to return—maybe very soon.  The birth pains are evident—wars, growing persecution, and worldly leaders positioning themselves and their agendas as the savior of mankind.

It is more important than ever that true Christians spend significant time in prayer, God’s Word and sharing the salvation gospel to a world that is deteriorating rapidly.  And remember that when things get really tough—when war, terrorism and persecution ramp up—this is not a time for panic or worry.  It is a time for perseverance and hope, as we prepare for the return of our King.  So let’s be diligent, prayerful and complete the task at hand—spreading the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.  For however many years we have left in this life, let’s be the greatest salt and light we can be to a world that desperately needs the eternal hope of Jesus Christ.