Westboro Baptist Church @ Golden Globes 2011

Image by k763 via Flickr

As we discussed on Stand Up For the Truth Thursday morning, The Westboro Baptists plan on picketing the showing of a pro-gay play—The Laramie Project—at Neenah High School this weekend.  The Westboro Baptists are infamous for protesting homosexuality with hateful signs and have also picketed at funerals of fallen US soldiers because of what they perceive to be the declining morals of the United States government and people.

We speculated on air that perhaps the reason these people picket with a language of hate is because traditional Christians and churches have failed to stand up against anti-biblical forces that are promoting radical agendas in our schools.  Our absence from the battle has left a void that is being filled by misled “Christians” who are giving God’s Word a black eye.  They are feeding into the misconception that God is a god of hate, fueling the secular belief that Christians are hate-filled, homophobic and judgmental.

What can we learn from this sad state of affairs?  If we as bible believing Christians do not stand up and speak out against attacks on the Word of God in our schools, institutions and media, people like the Westboro Baptists will continue to spread a mean, spiteful, wrong message about God’s teachings on sin and sinners.

Also, Christian parents need to be better informed on what is being taught and presented in our public schools.  We need to become active participants at school board meetings and school sanctioned activities.  Our children are being indoctrinated by radical agendas in many of our public schools.  The NEA’s humanist agenda is unfolding right before our eyes.  We can no longer stand by idly and pretend the problem will go away.  If we do not stand up and get involved, demanding accountability from our public schools for what is being taught and promoted, groups like the Westboro Baptists will continue to fill the void we are leaving.  And our children will see Christianity being presented in the wrong way.  They will falsely come to believe that our God is a god of hatred rather than a God who offers redemption and freedom from sin through Jesus Christ.

Stand up against sin and the evils happening in our society.  But let’s stand up the right way—anchored in the truth and love of God.  Let’s never give organizations like the Westboro Baptists a format to misrepresent God again.