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I have learned much over the past 3 months since God inspired our leadership at Q90 FM to start Stand Up For the Truth.  First, while we knew there was a real attack on the absolute truth of God’s Word, we have learned that the depth of these attacks is staggering.  We are digging into some very dark places where the spiritual warfare is intense.  I cannot thank enough those of you who pray for us every day.

Second, we have learned that when you take a stand for God’s Word, some people are not going to be happy.  Sadly, there are Christians who would just as soon we keep our eyes closed to what is going on and pretend everything is just fine—as if we just ignore the issues we face, they will magically go away.  The truth is they will not go away—in fact these issues are intensifying and if Christians and our leaders do not take attacks on God’s truth seriously, many will fall away from our lack of diligence.

Third, a few listeners have commented that they wish we would dial down the passion on the show.  I admit to being a man of passion.  Sometimes the statements I make are provocative.  To Christians who find our comments abrasive at times, I guess we are like that loud alarm clock that goes off every morning.  You’re in a deep, restful sleep and suddenly this loud noise wakes you up to prepare for another day of work.  Our first reaction is to hate that alarm clock because it interrupts our sleep.  Well, as a whole, we are asleep as a church.  We need a wake up call to what is happening in the world and within some of our churches.  We need to wake up to the attacks on the truth of God that are leading many astray.  And we need to take our walk toward holiness seriously.

We will continue to educate you on the issues we face as Christians and try to keep the dialogue civil.  But at times we may be that obnoxious alarm clock that wakes us up out of a deep sleep.  You can choose to hit the snooze button, but as Watchmen on the Wall, we will continue to sound the alarm.