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I was blessed this weekend to attend the Wisconsin Christian News annual convention.  It was a nice opportunity to talk with Christians from various backgrounds and get their take on all that is happening in the world and within the church.  My friend and wonderful Christian brother Dave Wager gave a presentation titled “Decisions Have Consequences”.  I thought of some major decisions that have been made recently and the consequences they will have.

The decision of Governor Walker to curtail some collective bargaining rights for state employees—there will be a wide range of consequences for all of us.  The decision of organized labor from around the world to make Madison “ground zero” in the battle between tax payers and public unions—there will be huge consequences for our entire nation.

The recent decision by President Obama instructing his Attorney general to NOT defend current federal law recognizing marriage as between one man and one woman—there will be huge consequences for President Obama politically and for the nation as a whole as this is fought out in the courts.

The recent decisions from Congress who, in spite of the assurances from both parties that they want to reduce our national debt, keep kicking the can down the road because they lack the courage to make tough decisions.  Their lack of commitment and courage, if it continues, will have huge consequences for our nation.

But as huge as these recent decisions and the potential consequences for our nation are, God was whispering something into my heart as Dave gave his presentation.  He said to me “Mike, what about the daily choices you make to either follow me or give in to the ways of the world?”

Hundreds of times each day, we as disciples of Jesus Christ have decisions to make—and those decisions have huge consequences.  Will we stand up for God’s principles and truth even though the world will condemn us as narrow minded?  Will we show love for one another even when we disagree with each other?  Will we choose to love God more than anything?  Or will we seek personal gain at the expense of His teachings?

I spent the rest of that day quietly contemplating the decisions I make on a daily basis.  Too often I choose to serve my interests, even if they conflict with what God wants from me.  I give in to fear when Jesus tells me to fear nothing.  I seek my own satisfaction when He tells me to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

I don’t know where all the issues facing our nation will lead us collectively as a people.  But I do know that every day, we as Christians who claim to be disciples of Jesus Christ, make decisions that will have consequences.  God, give us the peace, humility and wisdom to seek your will for our lives as we make these decisions.