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As we begin month four broadcasting Stand Up For the Truth, something very powerful is happening.  It is at the same time scary and exciting.  It is a time for preparedness and great anticipation.

Last week we began finalizing our research on the new age movement, mysticism and the inroads it is making in the emergent church movement.  We have begun to discuss leaders like Rob Bell, Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren and Rick Warren and how some of their teachings come from roots of the new age movement.  We have booked guests like Warren Smith, who was immersed in the new age movement until he was brought to the truth of the gospel and salvation in Jesus Christ.

Since we have begun our final preparations and began to discuss the new age movement within Christianity, the intensity of spiritual warfare has risen dramatically.  I was warned this would happen by men and women of God who have tackled this subject.

In the past few days I have received phone calls from men struggling in their marriages; from pastors feeling overwhelmed; and from Christians feeling anxious over happenings in Madison.  To me it is obvious that the spiritual warfare hovering over our community is intensifying.

On a related subject, 40 days for Life starts their prayer walk this week.  I am sure that is another reason the enemy has chosen to ramp up the spiritual attacks.  Much is happening in our community—and the enemy is not happy.

As Christians, it is crucial we take Paul’s writings in Ephesians 6 to heart.  We are in the midst of intense spiritual warfare in the heavenly realm.  It is critical we put on the armor of God every day.  The attacks of the enemy on true believers will grow more intense as we move forward.  Although he is a defeated enemy, satan will seek to deceive more and more as we move forward unveiling his agenda of lies and half-truths.

We call on the community of true believers to pray and, if the Lord leads you, to fast in the coming days and weeks.  The battle is intensifying and without the armor of God we will be prone to increased attacks.

Something is happening in our community.  If we stand strong in faith and prayer, God will do amazing things.  If we choose to sit this one out, spiritual confusion will continue to settle in.  We face a challenge and an opportunity.  Will we allow ourselves to be thrown into confusion and fear?  Or will we use God’s weapons to bring transformation to our community?