dollar close UP

Image by shyb via Flickr

The very future of our nation hangs in the balance these next couple weeks.  Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC face the most critical decisions they will ever face as leaders.  Does our nation continue a path of reckless spending that will lead us to bankruptcy?  Or do they find the courage to put aside their fighting and political posturing to get our nation back on a path of fiscal sanity?

We elected these politicians—Democrats and Republicans—to lead and serve us.  They assured us that they can make the tough decisions when courage is required.  However, based on the track records of BOTH parties, I am not optimistic.  Maybe I am becoming jaded in my old age, but my expectations are pretty low.  I fully expect a lot of finger pointing and posturing, rather than a real debate on the crucial debt issue facing our nation.  I expect that little will really be accomplished, but that it will be jointly hailed as a ‘great first step”.

It is easy to point fingers at our politicians—but we must also take a hard look at ourselves.  We have become spoiled as a people—even Christians.  We want everything and we want it now.  We have lost any sense of delayed gratification.  We all want the government to cut spending—as long as it doesn’t affect ME.

As Christians, how do we embrace these times of difficulty?  We look not to the world for our joy, but to Jesus Christ.  We do not give in to fear and hatred.  We are IN the world, but not OF the world.  As Christians, if things get really bad, will we keep our eternal joy in Jesus?  Or will we give in to fear, worry and bitterness.

Yes, our country faces a time of crucial decisions.  But more importantly, so do we as the Body of Christ.  Will we react as the world?  Or will we stay anchored in the eternal hope of Jesus Christ, regardless of what the world decides?