happy shoppers

Image by zoetnet via Flickr

Did anything really change within us yesterday as Christians?  Or was yesterday the latest in a series of annual feel good days where the troubles and temptations of this world take a one day vacation, only to return in full force as we head back to work?

When Islamic terrorists flew planes into The Twin Towers on 9/11 a decade ago, people flocked to church in record numbers the following two Sundays.  But after that, everything went back to normal.  The world temporarily decided to look to God for answers, only to return to their arrogant ways just two weeks later.

But as believers in Jesus Christ, do we act any differently?  We attend church on Good Friday and commemorate our Savior’s death on the cross—we attend church on resurrection Sunday celebrating His victory over death and sin—but where do we go from there?

For one glorious Sunday, we are filled with love, joy and peace.  Jesus has conquered the grave and sin for us.  But as we return to the reality of life, we return to our ways of worry, fear and angst.   We should expect nothing different from those who do not know Jesus; but shouldn’t we expect much more from ourselves, who know Jesus as our Lord, Savior and King?

Resurrection Sunday is a very emotional day for me.  Twelve years ago on Resurrection Sunday, Nancy and I went to church.  For me it was fulfilling the obligation to attend church on Easter—nothing more.  But on that day twelve years ago, God reached out to me—the worst of sinners—and told me I needed to die and be born again in His Spirit.  Knowing nothing of being born again, I really thought God was telling me I was going to physically die.  But with a loving wife and a solid bible-teaching church, I discovered what it meant to be born again.  My life has never been the same.

Yet, every year I have felt the utopia of that resurrection Sunday celebration—only to return to my fears and troubles the next day.  But not this time! I am committing by the power of the Holy Spirit to walk in victory and joy, no matter my circumstances.  I am committed to allowing the light of Jesus Christ to shine through me, no matter what is going on in my earthly life.

Will you join me?  And will you hold me accountable?  Together, can we walk away from a life of mediocrity and bask in the power, love and peace of the risen Jesus Christ?  Can we put away our fears, allowing the joy of the Lord to direct every thought, word and action?  Can we together stand up for the truth of God’s Word with strength, conviction and love?

The journey will be a rocky one.  We will be tempted to return to our human ways.  Will we have the strength and courage to stand firm when the enemy accuses us?  When the world hates us?  When God molds us?  As Believers who claim we love God more than anything, do we really have a choice?