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Lead; follow; or get out of the way.  This was a popular slogan in 1775 as Americans gathered the courage to seek independence and become a nation.  A people caught a vision and made history, starting the greatest nation in the history of the world.

I think Jesus’ message today would be similar—lead, follow or get out of the way.  At a time when the Word of God and His absolute truth are under attack, we need leaders to step up and stand strong.  Now, before you automatically look at your pastor, look in the mirror.  The truth is every one of us is a leader as Christians.  Pastors, parents, ministry workers, employees in secular businesses—all of us need to step up and accept the responsibility of leadership.

It seems that many Christians stand and look around, waiting for someone else to lead; someone else to take the risks.  We might offer our prayers or financial support, but it seems we lack the driving passion and commitment necessary to advance the gospel in our community.  It’s almost like we have an attitude of “well, I got my salvation, so I’m good to go.”

Is this what Jesus wants of us?  Are we being the brightest light and best salt we can be for Him?  Has our faith become a private matter rather than a public testimony?  Are we ashamed of the gospel?

We face a pivotal time in our faith as a community.  Will we continue to stand by idly as the enemy ravages more souls and institutions?  Or will we stand up and call on the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives in our community?  That will take real leadership.  Do we have it in us?  Are we willing to risk what we have to stand up for God and carry out His command?  Or are we content to sit back and let someone else lead?  The choice is ours; and The Lord awaits our answer.

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