Image by adamquirm via Flickr

In Mark Chapter 13, Jesus warns us of the great deception that will occur before His return.  In verse 22 Jesus states: “For false christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect—if that were possible.”

Stop and really let that sink in for a moment.  Signs and wonders so great that many will be deceived and abandon their faith.  Now remember that God’s Word teaches us that satan appears as an angel of light.  In other words, things will be taught that appear to be good to man, but in fact they will lead to evil.

The last couple days, guests have shared their concerns over the early seeds of a one world religion beginning to take hold.  A false religion built on a false peace and cooperation.  Something that sounds good to man—all religions working together for peace and harmony; but in reality a foothold for the enemy to lead people from the one true God and His teachings.

As bible-believing Christians, we are absolutely called to love all men and to live in peace with one another when possible—but never at the expense of the doctrines and teachings of God.  But just as anti-christ will persuade the world to accept a false peace during the great tribulation, so we are being told to accept a false peace that all religions of this world are equal and can come together.

The fact is that true Christianity is a religion of exclusivity.  One can only be saved from eternal damnation by accepting and believing in Jesus Christ as the only Son of God.  And throughout the Old and New Testament God warns us against the worship and acceptance of false gods.   We are to love the non-believer, but not have communion with them.

The wonder and beauty of God is that he extends eternal salvation to all men.  But it is conditional—we must accept Jesus Christ as the only way to God the Father and eternal life.  More and more, some self-professed “Christians” are teaching collective salvation—that all men are saved.  Others are doubting the eternal nature of hell—in spite of Jesus constantly warning us of eternal damnation.  And others are teaching that Allah is the same God as YHWH.  These false teachings transcend minor disagreements on scriptural interpretation—they attack the very nature of God.  And when we question the nature of God, we are in very dangerous waters.

As Christians, let’s have a robust debate in love of scriptural interpretations on non-essential issues.  But let’s never allow ourselves to question the very nature of who God says He is.  We will each stand before Him one day.  And if we question the nature of who He says He is in His Word, things will heat up in a hurry—for eternity.