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Today we discussed defending the truth of God and His Word.  Yesterday we discussed Christian leadership; and recently we shared some alarming statistics that claim only one third of self-professed born again Christians believe the bible is the absolute truth of God.  Put all these together and it paints an interesting, but alarming picture of Christianity in America today.

And it forces me to ask the question:  Just what are Christians in America learning about God these days?  Many are being taught that God is all love and could not possibly judge any one for their sins.  Some are being taught that all paths lead to God—that it doesn’t matter if you profess complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  Some are being taught that sin doesn’t matter any more—that since Jesus died for our sins we have no responsibility to pursue holiness.

Collectively, Christianity in America is being lulled to sleep.  Our Christian faith is impacting our society less each day.  More and more the culture is influencing the church—instead of the church influencing the culture.

America is about to go through a huge transition.  Economically and socially we are in for some major changes.  Is the church poised to lead?  Or will she follow?  Are we prepared to provide real hope to people when the world around them begins to collapse?  Or will we conform to the ways of this world?

“Small is the gate and narrow the path that leads to life—and only a few find it.”  Is that what we are learning about God these days?  Or are we being deceived by the enemy who wants us to believe all is well?  When the world around us collapses and falls into chaos, will the church be prepared to offer people the eternal hope of God through Jesus Christ?  Or will we offer them a confusing set of messages on who God and Jesus really is?

In First Corinthians 4:2, Paul states:  “Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.  I care very little if I am judged by you or any human court..”  Is that our attitude as the church today?  Are we being faithful to the great trust God has given us?  Or are we more concerned with how the world judges us?  We can blame society or politicians or any one we want for the difficult days we face.  Or we can look in the mirror as a church and as believers and admit that we are failing God by allowing His Word and truth to be watered down and changed.  Will we continue to give in to the world?  Or will we be faithful to the great trust we have been given?