Image by Andrew Middleton via Flickr

In Matthew Chapter 25, Jesus says: “When the Son of man comes in His glory with all the angels, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.”

That separation is beginning. Jesus’ true sheep are hearing His voice, while many goats choose to stray from His voice, choosing false teachings and a false gospel. This week we close in prayer:

Heavenly Father, we worship you for who you are—Lord and King of all creation. We thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ, who rescues us from sin and eternal death by His sacrifice. Lord God, in these final days we see false teachers rising with sweet sounding messages that deceive many. Father we ask for the wisdom of your Holy Spirit that we would not be deceived by those who claim to come in your name, yet lead many astray from your pure and true Word. We pray for those who knowingly or unknowingly promote teachings contradictory to your Word—we pray that their hearts will be open to your voice.

Lord God, we pray for ourselves—those that truly seek to follow you every day. Father, give us the strength to endure in these challenging times. Give us the wisdom to discern between your voice and the voice of the enemy who seeks to twist your Word. We ask for the courage, the love and the strength to confront with love those who are deceived by the many false teachings these days.

And Father God, we ask for a real love for those who are promoting false teachings. May we love them, not despise them. May we look at them not with hatred, but with sorrow for their loss and confusion. We pray that your Holy Spirit will, this day, reach into their hearts and break the bonds of deception that hold them captive.

Lord God, protect our hearts in these final days. Lift us up when we are down, and bring us to our knees if we become arrogant and proud. The enemy wants to sift us like wheat, and by our own human strength, we will fall into his attack and deception. But we ask for the power of your Holy Spirit, that we will remain faithful to you and your Word as the enemy’s influence grows in these final days.

Lord God, that the light of your Son Jesus Christ would shine through us brightly in these days. And when the world hates us, may we be encouraged because it hated you first. May we find strength in our weakness and joy in our troubles. And we pray for the courage to endure and remain faithful to you always. We pray all this in the name of your Son, and our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.