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In about a week and a half we will have made it to our six-month anniversary. A half a year ago, Stand Up For The Truth was launched as a way to get the word out about different issues facing, and threatening, the truth of who God is. Mike will no doubt be sharing some of his thoughts about the show and what it has meant to him as we approach this 6 month mile marker. I’ve been doing some reflecting, too.

When our microphones went live for the very first time early last December, there was a lot about these topics that I still wasn’t even aware of. Thanks to our guests – and to our astute listeners – my eyes are opening. And in these past six months, those proverbial scales have been falling away. I’m sure I’ve got more. The thing about scales is that we are blind and don’t know it. We can’t even tell that we have them.

When you think about scales, you can’t help but wonder what it must have been like for Paul on the road to Damascus. He was a smart guy. He knew about all the issues facing his religion. In Acts 9:18 when Paul heard Truth for the very first time, it says, “…and immediately, something like scales fell from his eyes.” And in that moment, history changed. Think about that—a Truth so powerful that history can change every time we encounter Jesus Christ and believe in His Word.

I remember when Mike first explained to me how that had happened for him. We were sitting in a coffee shop in Appleton, and he shared something that he knew God had put in his heart. A talk radio show that would cover things like: False teaching, the Emergent Church movement. Christian-Universalism. Dominionism. Cleverly-disguised New Age spirituality—and a lot of other movements and beliefs that had somehow, ever so silently, snuck into the Body of Christ in mainstream churches around the nation. Heavy stuff.

God’s Word has indeed been under attack, and too many Christians have no idea how or why. How do we rub the scales from our eyes and rise up to defend Truth? How do we roust others from this sleep? My friend and co-host likes sounding the alarm. I prefer bright light—we’re different that way. How does that look for you? For me, standing up for the truth means being willing to allow God to have His way. May we all be willing to allow Him to use us to be that alarm, or that light, even when at times we know how easy it can be to just press that snooze button.

I don’t know how long God will have us in this place. For now, I am blessed I do see firsthand how God in His way orchestrates something that neither Mike nor I –nor our team, could ever put together on our own. Every day, the topics we cover and the guests we interview give us a lot to think about. 120 shows later, we’ve not run out of topics to cover.