As Christians in America, we live a very blessed life. While Christians in the Middle East and Asia put their lives on the line every day practicing their faith, we live here with tremendous freedom to worship. So you might consider it impossible to think that real persecution could ever come to our nation.

But I am quite certain that Christians living in Russia in the late 19th century probably thought the same thing; as did Christians in Germany in the early 1930s. And Lebanon in the 1960s was considered a paradise within the Middle East where Christianity was flourishing. Today, Christians are persecuted for their faith and face the threat of Islamic terror every day.

Now in America today we still have tremendous freedoms as Christians. But if you watch the news closely, you can begin to see cracks forming in the armor. True Christians are starting to be marginalized and considered to be close minded and judgmental. Courts are increasingly ruling against Christian beliefs in our schools and governments. Media goes out of its way to portray true Christians as bigots and homophobes. And sadly this attack on traditional Christianity is often being led by those who call themselves Christians. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, posing as Christians, but who are really political idealists wishing to usher in government control in our lives. The stances they take have less to do with God’s Word—and much more to do with their goals of a big government that is the arbitrator on what morality is. To them, government is god.

Bible prophecy is clear that in the final days, evil will increase and God’s true believers will be persecuted for His name. As disciples of Jesus Christ, the time is coming when we may have to make a choice—to worship Him or give in to the world. Now some say we have nothing to worry about because the church will be raptured before real persecution happens. Quite frankly, I think that attitude is careless and is an insult to those in Asia and the Middle East who face real persecution now!

The separation of the sheep and the goats has begun. In Matthew Chapter 7, Jesus says many who call Him “lord” will not enter the kingdom of heaven. He reminds us the gate to salvation is narrow, while the path to eternal destruction is wide. Today—in America—many who call him “lord” do not really know Him as Savior and Lord. For those of us who do, it is time to stand strong on His Word and share His message of salvation. Time is starting to run short.