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Deception is everywhere these days for Christians. There are the blatant attacks on the Word and truth of God through movements like Chrislam, The Emergent Church and Social Justice organizations. And there is a growing movement to lull Christians into beliefs of humanism, collective salvation and even universalism which accepts all gods as equally valid.

The only way to stand strong and combat these false movements is to really know the Word of God and hide it in our hearts. As times get more challenging, pressure will increase on Christians to be more tolerant of these views. Those of us who do not will be branded as hateful and close minded.

But there is an equally dangerous deception that satan is promoting these days—lulling Christians into a lukewarm faith. For those of you who have ever boxed or understand boxing, the analogy is this: usually before trying to land a knockout punch on the opponent, a boxer will spend a lot of time softening up the opponent with body blows to the midsection, trying to weaken the opponent’s resolve and leg strength—the boxer’s foundation. Once this has been accomplished, the opponent is weakened and susceptible to the knockout punch that defeats him.

Well, the body of Christ is taking blows to the body at an increasing number these days. We are becoming soft in how we live out our faith. Too often our faith is just something we put on Sunday morning for church—and the rest of the week we act no differently from the rest of the world. We are increasingly ignorant of God’s Word and what is expected of us as disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s like we say the sinners’ prayer and think we’re good to go. But there is much more to following Jesus than just saying a prayer for salvation.
There is turning away from the world, hating all it stands for. There is loving God more than anything this world has to offer—wealth, power or prestige. We are called to become holy.

The Body of Christ is being weakened by many body blows these days and many of us are being set up for a great knockout punch when things turn really bad. When our financial future and security are threatened and we are forced to conform to the world, will we give in? Or will we stand strong on our Christian faith, regardless of the consequences?

The strongest part of a fighter’s body is the legs and midsection—his very foundation. If these become weak, he is susceptible to the knockout punch. Our foundation is the Word of God and the pursuit of holiness in our lives. If we do not build ourselves up on these foundations, we will be in jeopardy when the enemy goes for his knockout punch. If you think you have nothing to worry about, remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7: “Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven; but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

The great final battle for the souls of men is coming soon. Are you in training, building up your foundation? Are you ready?