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Image by pcgn7 via Flickr

As a Christian and disciple of Jesus Christ, I really want to believe the best about people.  I want to take people at their word and not be skeptical about lining up what they say and how they behave.  But these days, some skepticism is not only healthy—it is also crucial in discerning true believers from false teachers.

These days when I meet someone who claims to be a Christian, my first questions are these:  Just what does that mean to you?  And just who do you believe Jesus really is?  See, the social justice and emergent church movements, in my opinion, are really about diminishing Jesus.  Many still claim he is the Son of God, but they often diminish His sacrificial work on the cross and distort His message that He is the only way to the Father and eternal life.  The thought of any absolute truth is something the just cannot handle.  They look at it as arrogant.  But in reality, it is they who are arrogant—thinking their version of the truth trumps God’s truth in His Word.

This brings me to Sojourners and Jim Wallis.  They claim to be a Christian organization.  Yet the people they quote include Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and new age leader Marianne Williamson.   So what was it that Jesus and Paul taught about light and darkness?  That they have nothing in common.  But here is Sojourners promoting the earthly and ungodly wisdom of people like the Dalai Lama and Marianne Williamson—a person who believes we are all gods—the ultimate humanist.

If you are a Christian who believes that the bible is the absolute truth of God, stay away from Sojourners and others like them who cloak themselves with part of God’s Word to push their own agenda.  Be in God’s Word in a very serious way so you can discern the real truth from the counterfeit.  Jesus warns that in the final days many will fall away—don’t be one of them who abandons the Word of God for the folly and arrogance of man.

Yes, I wish we could just take everyone who claims to be a Christian at their word.  But I’m afraid the days of being naive and trusting are gone.  There is too much at stake as we prepare for the return of Jesus.