Dave Wager talked yesterday about how so many teachings and opinions these days are a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Some are mixing teachings from the bible, Islam, the business world and other sources so much that there is no distinct message or flavor in the message any more.

We see this happening in politics as candidates often abandon their core principles to find that elusive middle ground where they will appeal to the largest number of voters.  Values seem to have taken a back seat to delivering a mushy message that will win elections.

Now, perhaps we should expect no more from most of our politicians.  While there are certainly some who have remained principled, most have sold out and seem only interested in gaining and holding power.

But shouldn’t we expect more from the church?  If some leaders are willing to compromise the truth of God’s Word for the sake of finding common ground with Islam, just where does that lead us?  It leads us to apostasy and heresy.  And sadly, that seems to be where some are headed.

The next two days we will take an in depth look at the movement called Chrislam—the attempt to find common ground between the Word of God and a false religion that worships a false god.  The ultimate path where this leads is a major step toward a false one world religion foretold in the bible.  It also has huge implications for God’s chosen people—the Jews.  See, this movement toward Chrislam is as much political as it is religious.  It attempts to undermine God’s edict that brought the Jews back to Israel in 1948.  Once mainstream Christianity combines and cooperates with Islam, it is lights out for Israel.  The world will unite politically and religiously to rise against Israel and destroy her.

Now we know that ultimately, but after much suffering and death, God will save Israel.  And the stage will be set for the return of Jesus Christ to condemn the wicked and rule for eternity.  God clearly warns us that those who oppose Israel in these final days will be dealt with harshly.  And our government is increasingly opposing Israel.  But now it seems even the church in America is positioning to align with Islam and come against Israel through religious and political movements like Chrislam.

If you are not studying God’s Word and seeking His voice every day, please start now!  Don’t think for one moment you are above being deceived by satan.  As Jesus said the path to eternal life is narrow and few find it.  And deceptions in these last days will be great and powerful.  Without the anchor of God’s Word and truth, many who call him “lord” will spend an eternity separated from Him.