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We love hearing feedback about the show, not because we want to be affirmed – although that is nice – but because we want to improve the show and make sure we are abiding by the vision and scope.
The format of the show is this: We share news and topics that affect our Christian faith, and we let people know at the top of the show that they’re going to hear opinions (from guests/authors/callers/emailers/hosts), but then we always point people to the Word of God as the only source of absolute Truth. 
We focus on the scope of this ministry, which is to educate people on the issues out there, and empower and encourage people to be good Bereans and check out everything they hear. What the show isn’t about is evangelizing to the unchurched, We talk about doing that effectively, but it is not the purpose for this particular audience. One other thing we are not about: being divisive–our hearts are to build up the Church and defend her. 
We want to always point people to the Good News, Truth, Hope and Grace. We support our churches and our leaders in preaching these, but we also know that ministry leaders do not have the luxury of time to shape their sermons around the many issues and “wolves” that can lead the sheep ever-so-subtly down a path away from Jesus.
There is another reason your feedback is so important. We never want to mis-represent God’s Word. As the excellent Bereans we know you are, please give us your sincere critique in those times when we fall short or miss the mark.
We’re now in our 7th month of broadcasting, and there have been many shows. We’ve heard from thousands of you, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. But recently I heard from someone who heard a couple of shows and said that we sound like this is not a program for, but rather against this and that.
Right now, in these last minutes, I’m going to ask you to do something.  Drop us an email with just a couple of words. Are we off course? Have we stepped over any lines? Are we missing something? Do you have a beef? Be honest. Steel sharpens steel, and we don’t ever want to be a dull blade. Whether you want to share just a couple of words, or a three-page critique, send your e-mails to comments@standupforthetruth.com It would be great if every one of you could do that for us.