Muslim and Christians celebrate the birth of J...

Image by shadowgirl08 via Flickr

Today we’re bringing clarity to Chrislam as well as the methods many Christians use to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the Muslim world. Christianity is the world’s largest religion, and Islam is 2nd–and growing.  As Christian believers we want to know that Muslims are being reached with the gospel. And there are many methods Christian missionaries are using to do that.  But are some of these groups are using methods leading Muslims to believe that they can enter the Kingdom of God without converting to Christianity? And is this right?

Our special guest today is Elijah Abraham, a born-again Christian who converted from his Muslim faith, and now helps equip Christians to reach the Muslim world.  Elijah has some fantastic articles at Biblical Missiology, and is the founder and executive director of Living Oasis Ministries, where you’ll find a host of resources.  

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