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Yesterday at Lifest, hundreds of you came up and told us how much you have enjoyed Stand Up For the Truth and that you are praying daily for God’s blessing and protection for this show.  On behalf of Amy and our entire team, thank you.

The most frequent comment I heard was that this show is leading Christians to take a very close look at God’s Word and do some self examination of our own lives as Christians.  We’re being challenged and encouraged to walk away from our luke warm attitudes as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Another frequent comment was that this show is causing Christians to carefully measure every article they read and every teaching they hear against the Word of God.  That rather than taking anything we hear from a teacher, pastor or radio show host as gospel, to do as the Bereans did—test everything we hear against the absolute truth of God’s Word.  In these days with many false teachings and hidden agendas, it is critical that we become good Bereans.  Accept nothing as the gospel except the written Word of God.

To hear what a blessing this show has been to you is such an encouragement to us.  I can assure you of one thing—the people this show has blessed the most is all of us as a team here at Stand Up For the Truth and Q90 FM.  See, we are right there with you every day, searching the scriptures and seeking God in a deeper more meaningful way.  Praying and preparing for this show has raised some important questions for us.  How do we seek a greater holiness in God?   Are we taking grace and forgiveness for granted?   How do we determine which disagreements as Christians are acceptable and even healthy for debate?  And how do we determine which issues are worth standing up for and calling out as dangerous and false?

I believe in my heart and spirit that God is beginning to separate His sheep from the goats.  He is calling us out of our luke warm state as Christians and saying “Choose me or the world!  No more straddling the fence—choose who to worship this day!”  His true children are being pruned and prepared for the final days where deceptions will be great and many will sadly fall away from the faith.

We are so blessed to be on this journey with you.  We will continue to challenge the Body of Christ to seek a greater level of holiness, accountability and action.  We will continue to irritate some, especially leaders who are not committed to being true Christ-driven leaders.  And in the midst of all of it, I wish I could adequately express how much your prayers and encouragement mean to us.  The journey we are on together will not be without its time of challenges.  But together, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we will continue to stand boldly upon His absolute truth and share it with a world that so desperately needs it.