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Back in 1973, I was in the army as a Military Policeman serving in Germany.  One day we were in our 5th story barracks overlooking one of the busiest intersections in the city and we saw two automobiles speeding toward the intersection from opposite directions, unaware of each other.  There was an accident where fortunately no one was seriously injured.  It was strange and surreal watching an accident unfold before your eyes and witnessing the crash.

Well, we are witnessing another impending crash in the movement called Chrislam.  Ignorant Christians are reaching out to find common ground with a religion that is the antithesis of what we believe as Christians.  The foundational belief of our faith as Christians is that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God who died for our sins and through whom we can attain everlasting life with God.  But Islam teaches that he was only human and never died on that cross.  In fact many Muslims believe and teach that Jesus does return with the Islamic Messiah to break every cross and convert or kill every Christian and Jew in the final days.

Now we can argue whether these Christian leaders are doing this with good intentions or not; but the bottom line is they are either deceived or deceivers—and neither is acceptable to God.  God’s Word is very clear on who Jesus is and the price people will pay for rejecting Him.  Quite frankly the behaviors and attitudes of Christian pastors and leaders promoting Chrislam is something one might expect from a brand new Christian not grounded in God’s Word—not from a pastor or leader.

The bible talks about the end times when evil will be seen as good and good as evil.  Well those of us standing up against the apostasy of Chrislam are being painted as close minded and hateful; while many promoting Chrislam are seen as open minded and enlightened.  Well, I think I can speak for all born again Christians who see through this deception when I say:  “We welcome your hatred and stand strong on God’s Word.”  Because as Jesus said: “Remember when the world hates you, it hated me first.”