easyJet Seatbelt

Image by WexDub via Flickr

Whatever your spiritual, social or political views, one cannot deny that we are living in fascinating times.  Tensions in the Middle East are growing stronger; our nation is facing a debt and budget crisis that our politicians seem unwilling or unable to solve; and it seems to me there has never been a greater level of spiritual confusion within the church.

As I have often stated on this show, it has lead me to look more closely at things and people.  When someone tells me they are a Christian, I ask them just what they mean by that.  Try it—you’ll discover the answers are all over the board.  On the one side there are Christians who still believe they are under every command and letter of the Old Testament Law, including dietary restrictions.  On the other end of the spectrum are Christians who think the Bible is not the absolute truth of God and that they can re-work the nature and character of God to whatever they think it should be.  There are Christians who just hate homosexuals and view them as the worst of sinners.  And there are Christians who think there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

There are Christians who see Islam as a dangerous false religion; and Christians who seem to be embracing it on a par with Christianity.

There are Pastors who believe the church should be a place of accountability in the life of a believer—and there are Pastors who believe the church should welcome all people and never confront them on their sin.

So what do we make of all this?  Well, here’s my two cents:  I find it hard to believe that we are not in the final days before Jesus takes His church home and returns to conquer evil and judge unrepentant sinners.  I believe Jesus is beginning to separate His true sheep from the goats.  We will see growing confusion within the church as false teachings and doctrines become more and more acceptable—because as a whole Christians are biblically illiterate.

So when, literally, all hell breaks loose on this fallen world, which side will you come down on?  Will you be a Christian who knows the Word of God and refuses to compromise on it?  Or will you be a Christian who falls for the lies and deceptions contrary to God’s Word?  One thing I do know—ignorance will not be an excuse when we stand before God.  We have His Word and the Holy Spirit as believers to encourage, teach and rebuke us.

So fasten your seatbelts and make sure your trays are in the upright position—we’re headed into some turbulent weather in the days ahead.  But do not let fear consume you or dictate your actions—the Lord your God is always with you.