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Last Saturday I joined the Burn Brothers at the pride Alive Event in Green Bay.  Pride Alive drew thousands as homosexuals and businesses and churches that support their cause gathered to celebrate their cause.  We were there to pray and witness to those interested in hearing the gospel message of sin, repentance and redemption through Jesus Christ.  A couple observations on the day:

First, at least while I was there the crowd seemed pretty well behaved.  There were some protestors carrying signs—some were factual and effective, pointing to God’s Word.  Others were quite frankly pretty nasty and hateful.

It was interesting to see some of the churches there to support the homosexual lifestyle—United Church for Christ, The Universalist Unitarian Church, a Presbyterian Church, and a so-called “Reformed” Catholic church where a man and his gay partner, a priest, made some rather interesting comments as we talked with them.  One of them claimed that Pope John Paul the First was poisoned because he was ready to submit a Vatican 2 edict that would allow gay marriage and priests within the Catholic Church.  When we asked the priest how God’s Word supported their cause for homosexual marriage, this priest said that God’s Word needed to change to reflect modern values and mores.  So, in his mind, God is the one who has to change, not us as sinners.

I visited the Universalist Church booth, where they had an interesting sign that said “Don’t place a period where God intended a comma.”  I asked the two men at the booth where in God’s Word we had done that—they said they didn’t know because they don’t really read the bible.

Then there was an interesting conversation Jaye and I had with a lady who chastised us for being there in the first place, claiming we were picking on gays and that the church needed to welcome all people regardless of their sins.  We agreed but also stated the church needed to be a place where sinners were welcomed, but that the church needed to teach holiness and the need to turn our back on our sin.  But she would have none of that.  According to her, her church, which will remain nameless, just teaches to accept all people as they are.

As I walked the grounds, praying and being a witness for Jesus, my mind kept going back to a question:  Just what does it mean to really love someone?  To many it means not offending or challenging anyone’s wrongful thinking.  To me, it means putting yourself at risk to share truth with someone who is being deceived.  To risk being hated or branded as close minded for the sake of God’s truth.

2,000 years ago Jesus did just that.  He loved sinners and Pharisees enough to challenge their thinking, pointing out how they had strayed from God’s Word.  I’m sure he was branded as mean-spirited or intolerant to many.  But He loved so much that He was put to death so we who believe in Him could have eternal life.

Today our idea of love is to be tolerant of sinful behavior.  Never mind that we are called to share the true gospel—let’s just accept everyone right where they are.  Well my friends, that is not love—that is laziness and indifference.  And it’s time we wake up and realize the responsibilities we have as a result of our salvation through Jesus—to make disciples of all nations by sharing the truth of God’s Word—no matter how painful or uncomfortable that truth is.