Jesus in Pray

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Can a large spiritual revival come again to our community and nation?  Or have we strayed so far from God that there is no hope for a large scale revival?  Well, with God, all things are possible.  But if we expect God to do it without participation of his church, we are probably kidding ourselves.  The church is the bride of Jesus Christ and his representatives in this fallen world.  We are to carry out his work, sharing the true gospel until he returns in glory.

If revival is to occur, how will it happen?  By simply praying for the lost?  By praying like the Pharisee, thankful that we are not like the rest of those wretched sinners?  I think not.  If revival is to break out it begins with each one of us who claim to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  It begins by confessing our sins to one another and asking for God’s forgiveness every day; by holding one another accountable to God’s Word and requirements to be disciples of Jesus.

Without a holy church, how can we expect revival to break out?  The world looks to us as examples of Jesus Christ.  We are his ambassadors on earth.  But sadly we do not do a very good job representing Jesus as his ambassadors.

I also think that as long as we carry around unconfessed sin in our lives as believers, we might be blocking the power of the Holy Spirit to start a revival that can win the hearts of the unsaved.  If we as his bride are not seeking to be spotless and righteous, are we preventing revival from occurring?

Truth be told, for community wide revival to occur, we must first have a true revival within the church.  And it begins with each one of us who claim to be followers of Jesus.  Are we seeking righteousness and holiness?  Or do we think that since we said the sinners’ prayer and were baptized that our work on earth is done?

Is it too late for a huge revival?  Never.  It is God’s desire that not one be lost.  But until we as his church—his ambassadors on earth—take our faith seriously, confess and repent of our sins and seek holiness and righteousness, it probably won’t happen.  And when we stand before God, will we be held accountable for preventing a revival because of our pride and arrogance?   Jesus did say that path to salvation was narrow…