Jesus and Nicodemus

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The other day I was reviewing the various topics we have covered in our first eight months on air.  Social justice, the Emergent Church movement, the new age movement, Chrislam, Harold Camping, the acceptance of homosexuality in churches, Jesus in the Qur’an—and to think that last October when our Board asked me to do a daily talk show I wondered what we could possibly talk about on a daily basis.  Surely, I thought, we would run out of topics.  Well, I don’t see that happening.  Sadly the world and even some of our churches continue to supply topics for discussion on a regular basis.

A listener asked an interesting question the other day:  “What is the one thing I have learned since doing this show”?  I thought about that for a moment and responded that now when I meet someone who says they are a Christian I have to ask them “Just what does that mean to you—to be a Christian?”  It seems that how people define “Christian” these days is all over the map.  Some simply say “I believe in God”.  Well as James said, so do the demons.  Others have said that they believe God allows all people to go to heaven—that a loving God would never send anyone to hell.  Of course the problem with that is it doesn’t line up with scripture.

Another person asked me a while ago, just what we were hoping to accomplish on Stand Up For the Truth.  Well our hope is to alert people to how Satan is working to twist and change God’s Word to mislead Christians and lead them into a lukewarm attitude.  Our hope is we will challenge you to get back into God’s Word in a serious way so you can discern between biblical and false teachings that, as Jesus said, would cause many to stray from the faith in the final days.

As we wind toward the final days before Jesus returns, things are sure to get more and more difficult and challenging—and that leads me to one more purpose of this show:  To know God’s Word so that we do not lose hope in these difficult times.  As true Believers, we have nothing to fear, no matter how difficult things might get.  The world will continue to become more evil, but God has chosen us and sealed us for eternal salvation if we remain faithful to Him.  So let the world panic as things become more chaotic—we choose to remain joyful for all God has done for us and all He has promised.  You know, it just doesn’t get any better than that!