The face of a black windup alarm clock

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Of the thousands of emails, phone calls and comments we have received on Stand Up For the Truth, some have tried to share what this show is like to them.  Some call it a fresh, strong cup of coffee, waking us up from a deep sleep.  Others have called it a wake up call to a sleeping church.  And to be fair there are one or two pastors who think we are stirring up problems and issues where there are none.

One listener compared us to Winston Churchill before World War 2.  Hitler was expanding the Nazi empire by conquering nations like Czechoslovakia and Poland, all the time speaking of his desire for peace.  The British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, bought Hitler’s lies and acted with cowardice, bringing Great Britain to the brink of destruction.  Chamberlain was willing to overlook Hitler’s actions because he sought peace, no matter what the cost—even by putting his nation at risk.  Churchill kept sounding the alarm and finally rallied the British to stand up to Hitler and rescue the nation from destruction by standing up to the tyrant.

Being compared in some small way to Churchill is an honor, but I think of what we do on this show in a different way.  You know what we are?  We are that pesky little thing on an alarm clock called the wake up alarm.  It goes off and you may not like the sound that tells you it is time to wake up and get to work, but it is necessary.  Hey, you can hit the snooze button if you want, but a few minutes later the alarm goes off again.  Eventually you are forced to wake up and get to work.

I know we talk about some uncomfortable subjects on this show.  But just like that wake up alarm, we will continue to encourage Christians to wake up and get to work, sharing the absolute truth of God’s Word.  Sadly as a church, we have been asleep too long—all the while false teachings are infiltrating and detracting from the true gospel of forgiveness, grace and a call to holiness.

Some look at an alarm clock as something to be dreaded—telling us it is time to wake up and face the reality of life again.  Others hear the alarm clock sound and are grateful that they have another day to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.  Whichever we are to you, our prayer and hope is that we will be a faithful alarm waking up Christians from our sleepy state.  You may not always like what you hear, but if it wakes us up and gets us seeking God’s Word and truth, then we are doing our jobs.