The Bible

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In Acts 17:11 Paul commended the Bereans because they searched the scriptures daily to see if what they were being taught by Paul and others were confirmed by God’s written word.  With everything going on inside and outside the church these days, I can find no more important or pertinent scripture for us as Christians to adapt to our lives.

The false teaching movements are all around us and if you look closely you will see a common thread in all of them—a discounting of the bible as the absolute truth of God.  Instead of calling on Christians to conform their lives to the scriptures, they are teaching that the bible can be tailored to our human beliefs and understandings.

You name the movement—Emergent church; social justice; Christian universalism; Chrislam—they all point to the same thing—a discounting of the bible as absolute truth, substituted by a “new found wisdom” of enlightened man.  When you get sucked in to believing that the bible is not the absolute truth of God, you lose the only solid foundation you have in your life.  Truth becomes what you believe it is—and God becomes who you believe he is.

If you believe the latest Barna findings—that only a third of self professed born again believers believe that the bible is absolute truth, then you can only draw one conclusion—we are losing the battle.  More and more Christians are buying Satan’s lies and turning away from the truth of God.  And we risk losing an entire generation of youth to the lies of the enemy.

Now for those of us Christians who seem to be in the minority—the ones who still believe the written Word of God is absolute truth—we know how the story ends.  Our faith in Jesus will be exonerated as we hold true to His teachings.  Jesus returns to vanquish evil and usher in eternal life for us who stand strong in Him.

But unless we take a strong stand on the truth of God’s Word, we risk seeing many we know fall into the trap of lies cleverly set by Satan.  And if we think that we are immune to these lies and don’t need to be in God’s Word daily, we best stop kidding ourselves.  Scripture tells us in the end times the delusion and lies will be great, deceiving many.

Things will only get more challenging and the lies will become more alluring.  It is crucial we put on the armor of God daily to defend ourselves and attack the lies with the truth of God.  And never lose hope—when we place our trust in Him, we have nothing to fear.  So be bold—be strong—and remember the Lord your God is with you.