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Isaiah 7:9 contains a very chilling word from God that seems so appropriate to the times we live in today:  “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”  A very strong warning from God that we need to take to heart these days.

The Emergent church movement is building a strong base among youth.  Now some conservative Christians are suggesting that the emergent movement seems to be dying—that its influence is diminishing.  This is a terrible mistake and a lack of understanding on just what the emergent movement is—or better what it isn’t.

There is one important thing we must understand about the emergent church movement and why it appeals to our youth—it stands for absolutely NOTHING.  To emergent leaders, nothing is absolute or permanent.  Truth is relative, based more on an individual’s feelings than anything abstract or permanent.  They view the bible more as a collection of wonderful stories that tickle the imagination, freeing us up to be whatever we want to be.

The emergent church movement is simply an anti-establishment movement.  It will continue to appeal to the minds of youth who are increasingly being taught that truth is what they believe it is.  Increasingly its leaders are teaching about mysticism and Gnosticism.  They are encouraging youth to be ‘spiritual, but not religious”.  Youth are being taught that any religion that teaches exclusivity is wrong and dangerous.  And church leaders, we better wake up and understand that many of our youth are buying into the lies.

People like Rob Bell, Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo continue to be among the most admired Christian leaders by many youth and youth pastors.  Many of our bible colleges have been infiltrated by emergent and new age thinkers, training our next generation of leaders to also be “spiritual, but not religious.”

I often remember a scene from one of the Lord of the Rings movies, where the King of Rohan smugly stood behind the fortress walls of a city he was preparing to defend, bragging that the attacking enemy would be destroyed.  Suddenly the wall was breached and as the enemy flowed in slaughtering the residents, defeat seemed imminent.  The King looked around, stunned, and muttered:  “How did it come to this?”

If we as leaders do not come to understand the attacks on the absolute truth of God’s Word and think we have nothing to be concerned with, we will one day be asking ourselves the same question.  “How did it come to this?”  We are losing an entire generation to the lies and half truths of the enemy, supported by the emergent, social justice and new age movements.

Will we as leaders respond and fight for our youth?  Or we will be ostrich Christians, just sticking our heads in the sand hoping danger will pass us by?